Have American liberals lost their way?

A very interesting piece in the London Review of Books titled ‘Bush’s Useful Idiots‘, with Tony Judt examining the ‘Strange Death of Liberal America’.

In particular this paragraph caught my eye:

One of the particularly depressing ways in which liberal intellectuals have abdicated personal and ethical responsibility for the actions they now endorse can be seen in their failure to think independently about the Middle East. Not every liberal cheerleader for the Global War against Islamo-fascism, or against Terror, or against Global Jihad, is an unreconstructed supporter of Likud: Christopher Hitchens, for one, is critical of Israel.

But the willingness of so many American pundits and commentators and essayists to roll over for Bush’s doctrine of preventive war; to abstain from criticising the disproportionate use of air power on civilian targets in both Iraq and Lebanon; and to stay coyly silent in the face of Condoleezza Rice’s enthusiasm for the bloody ‘birth pangs of a new Middle East’, makes more sense when one recalls their backing for Israel: a country which for fifty years has rested its entire national strategy on preventive wars, disproportionate retaliation, and efforts to redesign the map of the whole Middle East.

Worth reading in full.

29 / September / 2006  Global politics 
  • 1. DAtley  |  September 30th, 2006 at 6:07 am

    Well I dont really give a Rats posterior about israel.
    With that said, I know the establishment
    of zionist in palestine mandate was an act of buffonery by the now cosmopolitan brits.

    But why the F should i be expected to be an intellectual ally of hezbollah/iran on its rockets attack….

    Besides Most rational folks Know that the arabs did the right thing(as upposed to
    hindus and Sikhs when partition happened) by allways demanding the RIGHT to RETURN.

    And I dont buy Perverted Macharraf’s arguement that in US pakistan relations the support to Israel ranks high (bull, he wants a strategic depth WRT india again now afghanistan is lost)

    So I do find my self allied with the pro israeli types….

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