Barack Obama, President?

barackTime magazine has put senator Barack Obama on the front cover, wondering if he could be the next American president. This bit was interesting:

The current Obama mania is reminiscent of the Colin Powell mania of September 1995, when the general-another political rainbow-leveraged speculation that he might run for President into book sales of 2.6 million copies for his memoir, My American Journey.

Powell and Obama have another thing in common: they are black people who-like Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan-seem to have an iconic power over the American imagination because they transcend racial stereotypes. “It’s all about gratitude,” says essayist Shelby Steele, who frequently writes about the psychology of race. “White people are just thrilled when a prominent black person comes along and doesn’t rub their noses in racial guilt. White people just go crazy over people like that.”

Hmmm… is that being cynical?

17 / October / 2006  Global politics, Race politics 

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