Save Punjab heritage

I got this by email:

Dear friend,

> Are you concerned about the state of affairs of Punjab’s priceless heritage as it stands today?
> Would you like to have your voice heard on this issue?
> Do you want to help preserve Punjab’s heritage for future generations?
> Have you ever wanted to make a real impact but did not how to go about doing so?
> Do you want to learn more about this heritage?

We here at UK Punjab Heritage Association ( are concerned. We are keen to understand what you think about this issue and, more importantly, what we as a heritage organisation can actively do, with your support behind us, to safeguard our heritage for future generations.

We want to get a large as response as possible so we would also really appreciate your help in reaching those parts of the community which you think would like to have their voices heard on the issue. If you could forward this email to as many of your friends and relatives as you can, that would be of immense help to us.

By completing this survey you are taking a positive step in helping to shape and safeguard the future of Punjab’s priceless heritage.

Here is a link to the first ever on-line Punjab heritage survey:

Do the survey, pass it on!

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