Nailing the niqab

On ‘Aqoul, Lounsbury nails the Jack Straw and niqab issue:

In short, I agree entirely with Straw and am perfectly pleased he raised the issue. The whinging on from the mutaslim hypocrite neo-Salafi living in the West (just bloody emmigrate to KSA, two faced bastards) in their perpetual state of offendedness that the West is the West and that their retrograde magical recreation of an Islam that exists only in the fetid imaginations of semi-literate Saudi financed verse mumblers does not obtain in the West nor any normal country does a disservice to the majority of Muslims in the West that are perfectly capable and willing to live in accord with the standards and societies that exist.

I am, however, annoyed with the credulous blithering in the press that reports such things as Muslim leaders were insulted, as this may be more profitably read as “Islamist panderers and religious pimps of neo-Wahhabite retrograde seperatism” were insulted.

The painful inability of Journos to differentiate between your Average Mustapha and the short-thobed loons does vast disservice all around.

Heh, there is no pulling of punches.

7 / October / 2006  Religious politics 

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