State of Denial

The title of Bob Woodard’s new book pretty much sums up George Bush’s entire tenure at the White House. But the point I wanted to make is made much better by Mash:

The main theme of the book seems to be this: Iraq is going badly and the Bush Administration is pretending otherwise. This is perhaps news only to the ostriches who still hold out hope of finding WMD in Iraq or finding Saddam’s DNA on the 9/11 attack plans. The rest of us have been reading the news, and the news from Iraq speaks of more than 3000 deaths a month in what has been a raging civil war since last spring.

There is also another more slightly less obvious theme to Woodward’s book. That is: George W Bush has been let down by the people who served him, most notably, Donald Rumsfeld.

But there is more… read the whole thing.

4 / October / 2006  Global politics 
  • 1. J.Johnson  |  October 15th, 2006 at 5:31 am

    In my view, & in the view of an ever increasing number of Americans, is the overriding question of WHY did Bush, Rumsfeld, & other neocons do whatever was required to initiate a “war” with Iraq!? WMD’s;”threat” to U.S. interest?? hardly! Anyone have an answer?? Thanks, Joe in Michigan

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