Phil Woolas needs to go

Does this man have no sense at all? I quote Dave Hill:

Is it not astonishing that Phil Woolas MP - a government minister responsible for good race relations! - should announce to the world that the Dewsbury school teacher Aishah Azmi should be sacked for wanting to wearing a veil in front of her pupils at a time when an industrial tribunal is still hearing her case?

Alan Johnson seems to think so, by the way: he refused to make any comment when asked about it on Five Live midday news, saying it is for the tribunal to decide. And even as I type, Ruth Kelly has distanced herself from Woolas on the World At One. Yet some their colleagues seem to be in as much of a frenzy about the issue as Woolas.

Last night, Tessa Jowell joined the fray, advancing the most simplistic of feminist arguments to denounced the veil as the enemy of women’s liberation - this from a woman who once told a female mutual acquaintance that she’d never bothered with feminism because she’d been getting on with more important things.

I realise that New Labour is having serious popularity problems but if they think is the best way to get votes…. then well, they might as well recruit Michael Howard to lead them. They’ve gone completely barmy.

Memri creating controversy again

Over at alt.muslim, Shahed does a good job of putting Memri in it’s place over its attempt to conjure a controversy out of nothing. He also lists some other examples of non-existent “Muslims outraged” controversies.

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Nailing the niqab

On ‘Aqoul, Lounsbury nails the Jack Straw and niqab issue:

In short, I agree entirely with Straw and am perfectly pleased he raised the issue. The whinging on from the mutaslim hypocrite neo-Salafi living in the West (just bloody emmigrate to KSA, two faced bastards) in their perpetual state of offendedness that the West is the West and that their retrograde magical recreation of an Islam that exists only in the fetid imaginations of semi-literate Saudi financed verse mumblers does not obtain in the West nor any normal country does a disservice to the majority of Muslims in the West that are perfectly capable and willing to live in accord with the standards and societies that exist.

I am, however, annoyed with the credulous blithering in the press that reports such things as Muslim leaders were insulted, as this may be more profitably read as “Islamist panderers and religious pimps of neo-Wahhabite retrograde seperatism” were insulted.

The painful inability of Journos to differentiate between your Average Mustapha and the short-thobed loons does vast disservice all around.

Heh, there is no pulling of punches.

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