Question the Prime Minister

the Downing Street website aka tony’s portal will be broadcasting an ‘exclusive interview’ with the Prime Minister tomorrow - and stop press! you will be able to ask him questions.

“The new forum is open to anyone and is an opportunity for the public to challenge the PM on any subject they wish, just as MPs do every Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions Time.”

Apparently the interviewers choose the questions ( not his team) : Sarah Sands of the Daily Mail and Michael White of The Guardian.

You can email your questions to

Apparently the broadcast will start at 5 pm tomorrow, and you’ve got till 12 noon to email them the questions. I remember the last time they had such a webcast, Tony was late!


  1. Sid wrote:

    Did he answer any of your questions?

  2. sonia wrote:

    doesn’t look like it! very shoddy the whole thing was i tell you - the usual sort of whitewash. the interview is available for viewing on the 10 downing street website.

    say - no one else seems to comment on these diary blogs - what do you reckon?

  3. Sid wrote:

    say - no one else seems to comment on these diary blogs - what do you reckon?

    hmmm, I’ve always got very few comments. But have decided to regard it as people not really identifying with the subject matter of my posts rather than a reflection of my point of view/politics. Maybe they don’t regard them as PP-friendly blogs.

  4. sonia wrote:

    perhaps you’ve got a point sid -> re: reflection on the subject matter rather than point of view expressed. usually if people disagree with you they’re likely to jump in and say so! if they’re not bothered they won’t say anything. my other theory is that without a critical mass of existing comments and thread of argument a lot of people wouldn’t bother joining in. and with heated debate happening elsewhere..:-) that’s where the folks will go to join in with the shouting!

    he heh

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