SLAVE BRITAIN: twenty first century trade in human lives

st pauls
A photography exhibition at St. Paul’s Cathedral which documents the ordinary lives and everyday locations caught up in human trafficking, and calls for an end to this illegal 21st century trade. The exhibition seeks to expose the reality of trafficking and the action needed to tackle it.

Running until the 29th March, produced by Panos Pictures, in partnership with Amnesty International, Anti-Slavery International, Eaves and UNICEF UK. Photographs by Karen Robinson and David Rose.

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Calling all modern-day abolitionists! Please sign the petition to urge the UK government to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings, bringing help and protection for all trafficked people in the UK a step closer. Tony Blair announced in Jan 2007 that he would do so - the petition requests that this be done so as a matter of urgency.


  1. James R Hewitt wrote:

    Slavery is degrading to the human spirt.

  2. James R Hewitt wrote:

    Slavery is degrading to the human spirt.

  3. Halima Begum wrote:

    I was out at the Tate Modern today and had an interesting discussion with a friend. He had real issues coming to the Tate because of its past. I hadn’t really questioned the Tate as such.

    We then went onto the subject of the British Museum. He asked which bit of the British Museum is British? And answered the building only.

    Slavery or trade doesn’t quite capture the sheer atrocity of what was committed under organised enslavement which was offical policy of a number of states , aided, abetted by their actions, ethnic groups systematically uprooted and dehumanised, culture destroyed, families ripped apart, and transformed and treated as cattle… An apology is a good start.

    An apology is a start but it shouldn’t be a pat in the back. Enslavement is something we should get used to taking about - what happened when Europe made contact with other cultures. Hmm.

    Slavery isn’t really a useful term - it implies that something is being done onto the person, wheras enslavement comes closer to describing the act. There’s something about power dynamics that’s worth thinking about.

  4. Ramiie wrote:

    James Hewitt..slavery is as dehumanising to the human spirit and the jewish holocaust was a regrettable blot on the joi de vivre of the Third Reich? Is that what you are trying to say?
    The double tragedy of the Mafaa (African slavery) is that unlike the jews we never got our own back. Time perhaps will tell.

    BTW if the liberalfascist chattering classes are so in tune with African pain over the mafaa, why no calls to boycott the Tate and other blood soaked pillars of the establishment. And while on the question of a racist traditions…which British artist would be so bold as to create art that questions the tradition of deriding nazi art..and to complete the picture, will we ever get to enjoy it at the Tate Modern?

    Now that would be progress.

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