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A few things from BBC News.

 An article on how the political parties aim to win the ‘race to win the minority vote’

What are they going to do? Give them sweets and lollipops? Do Black and Asian voters care less than others about bread and butter issues? Are they separate species of human beings that have to be patronised and pandered to with token gestures and are not concerened with things like taxation, the NHS, and crime? Why? Don’t they pay taxes, use the NHS, or get burgled?

There is one way to get the Asian vote in some places though.

A 52-year-old man, arrested ahead of next week’s local elections in Birmingham, was a Liberal Democrat candidate, his party has confirmed.

On the side bar of this story you will find links to more news stories about Asian councillors and party activists taking part in voter fraud and corruption in elections.

What is it about these middle aged Asian men that makes them so arrogant? To the point in which Asian politicians and activists corrupting the simple democratic process in Britain has become a norm in some cities during election time? Is this related to the unquestioning patriarchal arrogance in part of Asian society? In which the believe it is their right to use fraud as a way to cheat people of their votes? That they think they own people and that their votes are not the democratic rights of individuals but the convenient chits for them to manipulate and swindle? This is feudalism and arrogant feudal values in a democracy. Lock them up and throw away the key. More on the most recenter fraudster here

And in London, Gurinder Chadha and others, including junkie rock star Pete Doherty, are taking part in a concert ‘against racism’

The Love Music Hate Racism rally on Saturday afternoon aims to unite people against fascism and Islamophobia.

I am still trying to work out what Islamophobia is, and wonder how it’s practical effects are any different from the racism a Sikh or Hindu might experience in the streets and alleyways when they get their heads kicked in or called a Paki. But I suspect there is a political edge to this designation. 



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  1. foxy Says:

    Islamophobia:- the runnymede trust has eight criteria identifed that lead to islamophobia, to me this one makes the most sense:-

    Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discriminatory practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society.

    This and the fact you’re going to get your head kicked in for being a muslim, which is no different to the racism experianced by other se asians.

    if you spend time reading LGF, or JW then you will know the hatred felt by some (poss many) for muslims.

  2. elsworthway22 Says:

    Islamophobia is used as a cop out too - another ism by which people can avoid tough questions being asked - that’s why it is so difficult to pin down what people mean when they say it. The Runnymede Trust exists to codify victimology - others invoke Islamophobia as a catch all slur for anyone who they disagree with. Used injudiciously it just becomes a word that sounds like they boy who cried wolf.


  3. foxy Says:

    This new science of blaming victims for their plight is just pernicious as jumping for the nearest -ism that comes to hand.

    In reality what we need is a fine line between the 2, which no matter how you look at it is difficult to achieve, what you will get is people lambasting the victims, because at the moment this mantra of personal responsibility(PR) is in the ascendancy.

    Don’t get me wrong, personal responsibility is a good thing and to be encouraged, I just don’t want another ism (PR) to be used as a cop out.

    Are you don’t going to go with unmoderated comments, you know… personal responsibility and all…….?

  4. foxy Says:

    whoops looks like you have

  5. sonia Says:

    :-) of course you’re right - why the hell should islamophobia be different to the prejudices Sikhs or Hindus or Goths face. or anyone who’s a bit different from the seething masses. it isn’t! prejudice is prejudice…But we do like terminology don’t we.. there was anti-semitism and now there’s ‘islamophobia’.

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