The Outrage economy

Monica Ali has kept a dignified silence since the “controversy” surrounding the filming of the movie of her book “erupted” last year. She has now written a brilliant comeback to the criticisms she’s received, not forgetting Prince Charles’ cowardly boycot of the film premiere last month.

She is also critical of the Guardian’s agenda of bigging up any old outrage as long as it involves angry muslims, no matter how unrepresentative or inconspicuous. After all, that’s the “noble savage” stereotype that the liberal ideologues at the Guardian would have us embrace.

Monica Apa unpacks it into 4 issues, and there’s not a word in it I disagree with.

On the press coverage:

In January, as a patron of the building, I attended the opening of the Attlee Youth and Community Centre just behind Brick Lane. One of the photographers there said that he had covered the demonstration against the filming in July and that he’d had to “get in very tight” in order to take photos, there had been so few people taking part.

On ‘authenticity’:

It appears that some people object to my having written about a Bangladeshi housewife who speaks hardly any English, when I myself am reasonably fluent in the language. I’m far from being the only writer to be accused of failing the “authenticity test”. Gautam Malkani, author of Londonstani, was reprimanded last year for writing about Asian homeboys in Hounslow because he is educated and in full-time employment.This is dismal in many senses, but from a personal point of view mainly because it misunderstands entirely the nature of creative writing. Brick Lane is in many ways a typical first novel, drawing on concerns and ideas that shaped my childhood. For instance, there’s a lot of me in Shahana, the rebellious teenage daughter, and maybe a bit of her still left in me. But writing does not follow some linear formation. The Gradgrinds of literary criticism, with their slide rules, and their scales, and their multiplication tables always in their pockets, sir, give you the facts, and the fact, sir, is that this writer is not now nor ever has been her heroine, Nazneen. This is a fact. One that neither I nor my publisher has ever tried to conceal or obscure. To attempt to do so would be absurd.

On gender:

At a recent literary festival I was on stage with Tom Stoppard discussing freedom of expression. I was asked if I thought that the “community leaders” were really angry about my book because Nazneen’s journey is one towards independence. I agreed that was a reasonable assumption, but as they had not said as much I could not attribute that attitude to them. An Asian woman in the audience stood up and asked, “Why do you avoid the question?” She was quite cross with me. They don’t like a story which is about female self-empowerment, she said. Why don’t you speak about that?

And best of all, on offence:

I find this the most worrying aspect of the whole affair because it is symptomatic of deep and far-reaching changes in our political, social and cultural life. The protest organisers say they are offended that a character in the novel - Chanu, Nazneen’s husband - says rude things about Sylhetis (Sylhet is a region of Bangladesh). He most certainly does. Here is the passage, early in the book, from which the objectors most often quote:”And you see, to a white person, we are all the same: dirty little monkeys in the same monkey clan. But these are peasants. Uneducated. Illiterate. Close-minded. Without ambition.” He sat back and stroked his belly. “I don’t look down on them, but what can you do? If a man has only ever driven a rickshaw and never in his life held a book in his hand, then what can you expect from him?”

I could, at this stage, point out that if we are to attribute all the views of all of her characters to an author then it will lead us to some puzzling conclusions: that Harper Lee, for example, writing racist dialogue in To Kill a Mockingbird, was a racist. I could further point out that Chanu, who is rude about all sorts of people, is not my protagonist, and that Nazneen, who is, does not share Chanu’s views. It is futile to do so, however, just as it is futile to argue that far from being received as a negative portrayal that would damage or undermine the image of a community as its “leaders” claim to fear, the novel was received as a warm and sympathetic portrayal, with readers and critics alike proclaiming an entirely different sort of response.

Nice, I think that’s what’s known as giving as good as you get to the illiberal and outmoded oppositionalism of the Germaine Greer set at the Guardian and the purely reactionary ‘outraged in Brick Lane’ set.

197 Responses to “The Outrage economy”

  1. Mufasir Says:

    Didn’t Ali use notoriety to sell her otherwise unremarkable book? I wonder if she really has it in for religious people and Sylhetis in the community. One can never tell.

  2. AsifY Says:


    I personally heard about Brick Lane from newspapers and the internet way before the controversy broke out. It did get very good reviews before it even came out.

  3. Saifur Rahman Says:

    Whole thing wasa Guardianistaploy.TheGuardian lauded the booktothesky and the Guardian stoked up and gave publicity to the protests.

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