Each time I break my fast I pray like Aretha Franklin

Happy Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak!

Tis the month of sensory deprivation and spiritual reflection, for some. For the rest of us, welcome a month of overeating, over-indulgence, disruptive sleep patterns, night-day confusion.

24 Responses to “Each time I break my fast I pray like Aretha Franklin”

  1. shafiur Says:

    To add to your list:

    1. A study in Saudi Arabia shows more traffic accidents occur in this month
    2. Accident rates among factory workers and manual workers increases considerably this month
    3. Patients change their medicine regimens without consulting their physicians
    4. “Ramadan syndrome” can include gastrointestinal disorders, physical fatigue, etc etc.

    But you do get points towards going to heaven.