The Sickness at the Heart of British Mosques

From yesterday’s Times:

Almost half of Britain’s mosques are under the control of a hardline Islamic sect whose leading preacher loathes Western values and has called on Muslims to “shed blood” for Allah, an investigation by The Times has found.

Riyadh ul Haq, who supports armed jihad and preaches contempt for Jews, Christians and Hindus, is in line to become the spiritual leader of the Deobandi sect in Britain. The ultra-conservative movement, which gave birth to the Taleban in Afghanistan, now runs more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques, according to a police report seen by The Times.

The Times investigation casts serious doubts on government statements that foreign preachers are to blame for spreading the creed of radical Islam in Britain’s mosques and its policy of enouraging the recruitment of more “home-grown” preachers.

Mr ul Haq, 36, was educated and trained at an Islamic seminary in Britain and is part of a new generation of British imams who share a similar radical agenda. He heaps scorn on any Muslims who say they are “proud to be British” and argues that friendship with a Jew or a Christian makes “a mockery of Allah’s religion”.


My question to my fellow British Muslims:

When are we going to open our eyes and openly identify this poison that has come to pass in the name of Islam in Britain? When are we going to speak out against this evil nonsense that is pushed in the name of Islam?

And this is just some of the poison this man preaches in the name of Islam:

Extracts from the preachings of Riyadh ul-Haq:

On Jews “They’re all the same. The Jews don’t have to be in Israel to be like this. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in New York, Houston, St Louis, London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester. They’re all the same. They’ve monopolised everything: the Holocaust, God, money, interest, usury, the world economy, the media, political institutions . . . they monopolised tyranny and oppression as well. And injustice”

On New York “Jew York . . . sorry, New York . . . a slip of the tongue.”

On the Taleban “The only group of people upon the earth who are establishing the Sharia and the law of Allah” [In 2000]

“What crime has the Government of Afghanistan committed? All they have done is they have refused to hand over a person (Osama bin Laden) whose guilt is yet to be proven. Because of that crime, the entire nation is being punished. And as a result, because they strive to represent Islam, the whole of Islam is being demonised. And as a result, Muslims all over the globe are being discriminated against” [In late 2001]

On Europe “Europe has made it clear: they will not tolerate a Muslim force or power in Europe. And if it means massacring Muslims, if it means genocide, if it means a holocaust in Europe again, so be it. For this time, the target is Muslims”

On Muslims in Britain “It’s become insane that as Muslims in this country we are more concerned about the frequency of our bins being emptied than we are about Muslim women being raped, children being massacred, old men being put to death and buried alive, and entire populations being subjugated and being made victims of genocide in other parts of the world”

On Britain’s antiterror laws “Muslims are being maligned, our religious ideals and values . . . are under threat and it is naive to suggest otherwise. Read between the lines, peer beyond the spin. Laws are being introduced which . . . are targeted at Muslims. We are being discriminated against. Muslims in this country are being picked up one by one, control orders, imprisonment without trial, imprisonment on the flimsiest of excuses”

On integration “Allah has warned us in the Koran, do not befriend the kuffar [unbelievers], do not align yourselves with the kuffar”

On the threat faced by British Muslims “Winston Churchill made a very insightful comment. He said: ‘Appeasement is the policy of feeding the crocodile in the hope that it will eat you last’. As Muslims today, we think it’s OK, things can happen to Muslims elsewhere, but what will happen when there is no one else to devour? We will be the next meal”

On jihad “The moment we say something, we are branded fanatics, terrorists, extremists. And no one dare utter the J-word. The J-word has become taboo. The J-word can never be mentioned and if someone mentions it even Muslims look at one another. So much is happening and yet we are expected to remain silent”

On Islam’s ultimate triumph “Allah has promised. It is he who has sent his Messenger [Muhammad] with the religion of truth so that it may prevail over all other religions, even though the disbelievers may dislike it, even though the mushrikin [the idolaters] may dislike it. Allah has promised that victory will be for the believers. But we will be tested in the meantime”

On Israel “Oh Allah, do not let us die until our eyes are cooled with the sight of banu Israel [the children of Israel] being punished for their crimes”

On sacrifice “Trust in Allah, trust in the Prophet’s promises and his words. But not just rely on him and sit back, carrying on with our nine-to-five lives and our rat race. No, but be willing to sacrifice anything that may be required of us in the way of Allah”

On culture “Today, the culture of Coke and the Big Mac, the culture of the Americans, the culture of the Europeans, these cultures are dominant and they are all pervasive. We stand in awe of their culture and we are imitating them in everything. This culture, this evil influence, this imitation of the kuffar . . .”

173 Responses to “The Sickness at the Heart of British Mosques”

  1. Nasser Says:

    It certainly would be depressing if 600 out of 1,350 mosques are deobandi. What are the sources for these figures? And wouldn’t it be nice to see the Times and other Rupert Murdoch owned papers running full-length reports about what the remaining 750 mosques preach. For example, there’s one near my house where the Imam, wearing a suit and tie, constantly talks to packed halls about the importance of moderation and integration - in spite of the mosque being under attack from local residents. (see

    It is certainly true that it is our responsibility as muslims to expose and shun preachers who preach hatred. But I read the quotes from this guy Riyadh ul Haq and can’t help thinking that most of them are taken out of context.

    Anyway, we should be careful about taking reports from the times as “truth”, especially on the subject of muslims. Murdochs pro-zionism and his censorship of articles are well documented.,,547577,00.html,,590233,00.html

  2. Sid H Arthur Says:

    I think Muslims should denounce that which is closer to home before anything else. The debate could be framed in the following way; should we be as repulsed by these Islamic preachers who hijack Islamic doctrine to spread hatred as we are by the yellow journalism of Murdoch’s News International? I think the former is far more damaging to Muslims than the latter in the long term. Even so, do we really need Rupert Murdoch to tell us that preachers like Riyadh-ul-Huq or the kind of ideas he spews are pervasive amongst “scholars”? This is is what I understand to be the judgement call that underlies the debate for Muslims.

  3. purple Says:

    You trust the Times??

    I find it hard to believe ’so many’ mosques are preaching hate for ‘the west’. These men are on the fringes of the Muslim society. Your average Muslim is smart enough to ignore such comments and not act on them. And I don’t think it’s incumbent upon Muslims to denounce anything they are no preaching, these men’s actions are theirs alone. Denouncing is almost being apologetic.

  4. Bungo the Bear Says:

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts. When I visited Kosovo in 2003 I saw that Islam as a badge of identity ranked about fourth out of five considerations in how people defined themselves. In many Muslim societies from Morocco to Bangladesh to Indonesia and Mindanao, there are similar equations at play. However, whenever Islam rises to number one status or thereabouts, it usually does so by being ‘reduced’ to an ‘essence’ which takes it away from its muddy realities and towards dangerous simplifications. In this way, semi-literate morons and assorted jihadist shit stirrers are able to captivate normal people with reassuring sureties pulled out of their reductive arses.

    How do we reject this? In my view, reject religion altogether. Three thousand years of this monotheistic nonsense is enough.

    Btw-one of my oldest friends, 30 years and counting, is far east editor of The Times (Richard Lloyd Parry, see ‘Asian Exile’). It might be a Murdoch paper, but let’s not stereotype it in the same way that we would ourselves find objectionable as Anglicized darkies.

  5. Sid H Arthur Says:

    On the Times website, one commenter called “Farrukh from Woking” said the following:

    For a long time Muslims such as myself have contacted our government advising them to establish an educational program on Islam to enable the majority of everyday Muslims who do not subscribe to these ’stricter’ and often mis representative interpretations of Islam. No response. If the government will not help everyday Muslims who do not actually hold these ‘confused’ values, how do they expect us to counter this negative influence which neither represents the teaching of Islam, nor the example of Prophet Muhammad? So again, I welcome dialogue with our government to help, empower the everyday Muslim with the knowledge that is required to counter the points of view put forward by such people.

    So there you go, proactive Muslims do exist, in spite of supine sentimentalists who would rather let “scholars” and “preachers” like Riyadh-ul-Huq continue spreading their poison.

    Purple, I’m intrigued. Why is denouncing these people “being apologetic”? We denounce Israeli treatment of Palestinians, US treatment of Iraqi civilians, Rupert Murdoch ad nauseum. But we can’t denounce these bastards who corrupt and poison the minds of Muslims in mosques? Apologists for whom?

    If you tolerate this then your children will be next.

  6. purple Says:

    Manics are great for quotes! :)

    My point is merely everyone should denounce any wrong doing, it just shouldn’t be Muslim on Muslim thing. We can’t all be accountable for the bad seeds and we shouldn’t be expected to denounce Muslim activities just because we are Muslim. Although Muslims do denounce it, it just goes unnoticed. Not denouncing it doesn’t mean you endorse it. Does that explain?

  7. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Not really.

    You seem to be happy with the status quo. Newspapers like the Times will continue to highlight these people and Muslims will continue to dismiss it by saying “The Times! pah! More Rupert Murdoch lies” and so and so forth.

    You still haven’t explained who Muslims will be “apologetic” to by denouncing these criminals and charlatans just because they happen to practice their stuff in mosques, have beards, wear topis etc.

    They aren’t merely “bad seeds”. These people are respected members of communities, they preach in mosques, they deliver khutbas.

  8. Nasser Says:

    Let’s face it, pretty much everyone has something denounceable about them. We choose who we are going to denounce on any given day.

    Sid’s comment that these alleged hate-preachers are not just “bad seeds” but authority figures is a very good point.

    The question is: how many such preachers are there like him, and is the Times being fair in giving this article the blazing title, “The hardline takeover of British mosques”.

    Sid seems initially to have been taken in by empotively calling his blog post “The Sickness at the Heart of British Mosques”. And we know that when the heart is sick, the whole body is sick. But… is it true? What percentage of the total mosques in Britain have actually been visited by the Times reporter and by Sid lately?

    Who shall we denounce today? Who shall we stereotype? Its hard to get through a day without doing either.

    Bungo the Bear wants us accept everying the Times says because his anglicized values object to the perceived hypocrisy of stereotyping them when we don’t want to be sterotyped ourselves. Oh, and because one his best friends his a Times reporter.

    Meanwhile, other Times reporters (Sam Kiley, Doug Gay, etc) have denounced the Times by resigning. They could no longer stomach the editorial muscle that Murdoch invokes to fulfill his pro-Israel agendas and to curtail criticism of himself.

    Clearly, this is not to say everything the Times says is “a lie”. But Murdoch’s pro-Israeli, anti-Islamic stance is so pathetically obvious that when they print headlines like this, whith statistics that do not have any corroborated evidence, it is nothing but laughable. But when educated people start believing it with question it is lamentable.

    on Sam Kiley:

    on Doug Gay:

  9. Nasser Says:

    Let’s face it, pretty much everyone has something denounceable about them. We choose who we are going to denounce on any given day.

    Sid’s comment that these alleged hate-preachers are not just “bad seeds” but authority figures is a very good point.

    The question is: how many such preachers are there like him? Are they a minority or a majority? And is the Times being fair in giving this article the blazing title, “The hardline takeover of British mosques”.

    Sid seems initially to have been taken in by empotively calling his blog post “The Sickness at the Heart of British Mosques”. And we know that when the heart is sick, the whole body is sick. But… is it true? What percentage of the total mosques in Britain have actually been visited and investigated by the Times reporter and by Sid lately?

    Who shall we denounce today? Who shall we stereotype? Its hard to get through a day without doing either.

    Bungo the Bear wants us to accept everying the Times says because his anglicized values object to the perceived hypocrisy of stereotyping them when we don’t want to be sterotyped ourselves. Oh, and because one of his best friends is a Times reporter.

    Meanwhile, other Times reporters (Sam Kiley, Doug Gay, etc) have denounced the Times by resigning. They could no longer stomach the editorial muscle that Murdoch invokes to fulfill his pro-Israel agendas and to curtail criticism of himself.

    Clearly, this is not to say that everything the Times says is “a lie”. But Murdoch’s pro-Israeli, anti-Islamic stance is so pathetically obvious that when they print headlines like this, whith statistics that do not have any corroborated evidence, it is nothing but laughable. And when educated people start believing it with question it is lamentable.

    on Sam Kiley:

    on Doug Gay:

  10. KGazi Says:

    Until I read this ‘deobandi’ report in (pro-Bush) I confess not to have heard much of the word deobandi. Can deobandi be so prolific in UK, if its so media silent? I mean not like Sunni, wahabi or even Kurd! Is Times trying to introduce a new deobandi force in the universe? Or am I too far from UK?

    I guess the muslim community must have been battered so much by the media now, after 9/11 that like wounded soldiers, they couldnt care less what the media say any more. So Murdoch can now sling as much Murd! as possible, and there will be no echo response?

    If Times reports are really un-supported, maybe Imams should peacefully ask them not to flare up the commumity, as by doing so they will REALLY create a new deobandi uprise, this time from the Brits!

  11. sid Says:

    Good on Sam Kiley and Doug Gay. More power to them.

    However, latterly it has become fashionable to try and diminish the impact of one anathema by countering with another anathema. Unfortunately for Muslims, pointing to pro-Israeli bias in Rupert Murdoch’s reportage doesn’t quite make the problem of “Riyadh-ul-Huq” go away, however much we would like it to.

    I think it’s incumbent on Muslims to stand up to nihilist shit-stirrers like this man. How many Muslim exampless of Sam Kiley’s and Doug Gay’s are out there, in congregations in mosques, who would refuse to take this kind of invective being preached to khutba audiences?

  12. Nasser Says:

    Well, I pointed at pro-Israeli bias in Murdoch’s papers, but not to diminish the “anathema” for hate preaching. Please re-read if necessary. But I’ll re-state to make it easier.

    Yes, if an imam preaches hatred it should be exposed and shunned. But to cut to the chase: there is no “hardline overtaking” of British mosques, and the the sickness of British mosques does not emanate from it’s heart but is peripheral. How do I know this? I spend a lot of time in mosques and speak to many young British muslims.

    In the overwhelming majority of mosques I have visited, the khutbahs are about peace, integration, and have an anti-terrorist tone.

    Also young muslims are far more aware of the trends in contemporary Islam than you or the Times give them credit for. Most of them are as weternised as you and the Times reporter. An imam like Riyadh-ul-Haqq is seen by them as a fossil from their grandparent’s generation. The man probably speaks in a strong accent, wears ill-fitting clothes, is embarassed to talk about sex, knows nothing about what it is like to grow up in the western world. Young muslims will simply not follow him. Older grandaddies, on the other hand, may be embarrased to shun him.

    Now, look at the new generation of Islamic leaders and scholars: Hamza Yusuf, Tariq Ramadan, Nuh Ha Meem Keller, Gibril Haddad, Faraz Rabbani, Yusuf Islam. These are the scholars talking about tolerance, integration, they are anti-salafi and of course anti-terrorist. They have all been educated in the west. They enjoy enormous respect from parts of the muslim community, they are cool, almost all young muslims who use the internet know about them. They are the voice of mainstream Islam at the moment. Not Riyad ul-Haqq.

    However, if you were not aware of this you may take the Times report for gospel. What the Times have done is an old journalistic trick of taking a particular truth (Riyadh-ul-Haqq is objectionable) and conflating it with a generalised untruth (the majority of mosques and muslims are objectionable) to make a desired editorial point. This is the art of dissimulation.

    Why do they need to do it? As kgazi points out, there seems to be a general trend in the right-wing press to pick on “deobandis”. It reminds of the run up to the Iraq invasion when articles about tyranny and Saddam and Chemical Ali were strangely appearing everywhere at an increasing rate.

    Dar Ul-Uloom Deoband is an educational movement started in the 18th century by the grandsons of a Sufi Shaykh (Shah Wali-ullah). It’s original impetus was free madrasas for children. This is still largely the case, but unfortately over the last 40 years deobandis have become overrun by the salafi movement of Mawdudi, Sayyed Qutb, et al. It now teaches a very literal reading of Islam from the Quran and Sunna, and more or less rejects the cultural and spiritual developments in Islam of the last 1400 years. This is sad. It is also true that it is being imported mainly from Pakistan.

    It is also true that is huge dialogue currently ensuing within Islam between the salafi’s and the scholars I mentioned above. In general, salafism is beginning lose its sway in the United Kingdom amongst young muslims. This is a fact. And so it is doubly sad to see reports like this in the Times and now on blogs.

    By all means, expose the Riyadh -ul Haqqs. But please portray the real picture, and leave your agendas out.

  13. sid Says:

    A very robust, kitchen-sink defence of a vile, iniquitous reprobate. It’s sad that the impulse for this defence is a form of tribalism, which I doubt is mutual. I doubt that as a salafi, Riyadh-ul-Haq would come to your defence in a Sharia court of law, were it to judge whether Sufism was an authentic strain of Islamic doctrine.

  14. Nasser Says:

    Sigh. It seems even if I were to write a shelf full of books you still wouldn’t get it. I’m not defending him.

  15. sid Says:

    And by denouncing this cretin I’m not attacking Muslims, Islam, mosques, Tariq Ramadan and the other hip kids, etc. But I do despair at the sentiment displayed by one commenter above who would ignore this man’s crimes because to criticise it “just shouldn’t be Muslim on Muslim thing”. There but for the grace of God go we .

  16. fugstar Says:

    the deoband movement in islamic education in occupied south asia is part of our shared heritage. there is much that i love about it and theres much to learn from the spectrum of educational adaptation between deoband and alighar.

    when they talk about 600 of the 1300 mosques i guess they are refering the tabligh jamat, who are in my experience diligent, cute akhlaq builders in their own particular way.

    The times investigations intention isnt to investigate and shed light, its to titilate and set alight. What is sad, from a muslim point of view is that some opportunists from amongst our barelwi comrades are exploiting the opportunity. so short termist!

    A lot of peoples politically incorrect statements can be interpreted post 9/11, 7/7 to prove anything anyone is willing to push out in the media.

    I think muslims need to get out of the cursing habit, whether at the instigation of foolish muslims or non muslims invested in our secularisation or exploitation.

    press prompted denouncement is the secular takfir of our times. The collective corrective faculty works differently.

  17. TSB Says:

    “doubt that as a salafi, Riyadh-ul-Haq would come to your defence in a Sharia court of law, were it to judge whether Sufism was an authentic strain of Islamic doctrine.”


    Riyad-ul-Haq, as all Deobandis, are not wahabis. They are hanafi in law and maturidi in belief. Wahabis consider them ‘blameworthy innovators’ or in common language they believe they’re heretics. Most Deobandi leaders are sufis themselves. Not all Sufis (talk about a rubber band category) are lovely jubbly folk, they can be nasty and sectarian, just read some of Gabril Haddad’s writings.

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