Payback? I should Koko

After months languishing under house arrest (where she has been busy polishing her jewelery), Bangladeshi authorities under the Caretaker Government (CTG) have finally arrested former PM, Begum Khaleda Zia. This, in spite of the notion that Khaleda is regarded as the ’surrogate mother figure’ by the Bangladesh military, who are currently calling the shots.

This brings the total number of jailed ex-Prime Ministers to exactly two, following on from the jailing of the preposterously unhinged, Sheikh Hasina Wazed.

Begum K has been jailed along with her son Arafat Rahman Koko. Her eldest son Tareq has himself been the guest of the CTG since his arrest in March. All three have been less than forthcoming about their corrupt business practices and the collation of their astronomical wealth in the space of 5 glittering years at the top of a pile of venal excess.

It is hoped that while in prison, all three will have the time to reconsider the various sources of the millions of US$ they have stolen, extracted, extorted and embezzled from the public coffers or redirected from funds allocated for the building of much needed infrastructure.

Begum Zia might also want to examine whether her reasons for ordering the infamous Operation Clean Heart was actually “within the framework of the Constitution and the laws of the land”, as she has claimed. This is a rather perverse reading of the Constitution, given that the incident involved over 11,000 illegal arrests of whom 44 were tortured and killed in remand.

High Five

In the above photo we ask, is she waving goodbye or holding up 5 fingers to signify the number of power stations her government was granted construction funds by international donor agencies which, instead of being built, made their way into her family’s personal expense accounts?

Her sons and the corrupt politicians who have sucked at her breasts of unchecked corruption will say she’s worth it!

For everyone else, payback is now, Begum Zia.

59 Responses to “Payback? I should Koko”

  1. Md. Mahfujur Rahaman Chy. Says:

    Shut down the Army backed Government !!!
    Bcoz We have no right to delivered our comments.

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