Who’s a loser? You decide.

Who is Worse: Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson?

That’s the title, created by Nick ‘No word on Fallujah’ Cohen, of a new facebook group. This is the intro:

Livingstone is a promotor of Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood who believes that homosexuals, Jews and Muslims who decide to change their faith should be executed.
Boris Johnson’s record on race and homosexuality is dire and the man is a drivelling fool.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is it to be, the silly or the sinister?

So Ken is promoter of a man who believes , by religious faith, that gays and apostates should be executed. Boris, on the other hand, is merely a fool who’s record on race and homosexuality is “dire”.

Only one word to describe Boris’s views on race and homosexualty against 26 words to seal Ken’s views as a homophobe? Astute readers will also notice that Ken’s guilt of homophobia is by association (shaking hands, embracing, having photographs taken) with a cleric from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Boris has never shaken hands with brown people in strange clothes but here are a few more words on his views, some straight from his mouth, taken from the Compass report (pdf):

  • Refers to black people as ‘picaninnies’ and ‘with watermelon smiles’
  • Attitudes to the black community and calls the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry ‘Orwellian’
  • Believes in South Africa there is the ‘majority tyranny of black rule.’
  • On Africans and ‘instant carbohydrate gratification’
  • Believes Chinese culture is merely imitative
  • Has spoken out on “Labour’s appalling agenda, encouraging the teaching of homosexuality in schools, and all the rest of it.”

Why use guilt by association when the first-person stuff will do?

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  1. The Mayoral Storm - Part 2 | Boriswatch Says:

    […] The Mayoral Storm - Part 2 10 09 2007 “Storm” may be a little overdoing it, I suppose - but there’s no doubt that Boris-based news has multiplied in the last few weeks. Here’s a brief Boriswatch overview of the key points: - A thoroughly interesting post on worldtv.com highlights the recent “bribe” of cheap transport for Londoners and Ken’s links to Hugo Chavez, oil magnate and all-round shady guy. Boriswatch is enlightened. - Brian Paddick has entered the race for London Mayor for the Liberal Democrats. For Boris supporters, that can only be a good thing - as he’s a relatively well-known figure thanks to his pants episode and being openly gay, it may split Ken Livingstone’s vote, leaving Boris relatively unscathed. - Indeed, Boris hits back at the Compass onslaught in the Pink News, of all places. Perhaps to stave off any possible threat from Paddick… - Meanwhile, it seems that even Boris’s opponents are worried about the Compass fallout. Bloggers4Labour note that the “negatives” that Compass list about Boris may even entice voters to him… - Even German and French reporters are excited by the prospect of Mayor Boris, as reported in Süddeutsche Zeitung. - The Independent’s James Daley hails the prospect of Mayor Boris with his cycling credentials - although notes that whoever wins it’ll be good for the continually building cycling infrastructure in London. - The Guardian reports that, despite its best efforts with Doreen and Compass, Boris is the runaway favourite to be the Tory candidate for London Mayor, with a whopping 70% of the vote! - Still, not everyone’s enamoured. Taking an interesting angle, one blogger asks, “Who is worse - Ken of Boris“, highlighting many of the things Compass have taken out of context. “Out of Compass, Out of Context”! That should be their slogan… - Despite the growing mayoral pressures, Boris isn’t neglecting his other duties. He was spotted sans bike on a Memory Walk to raise money for Alzheimers sufferers. - He also, bizarrely, was at the launch of a rocket in Scotland. Who knew. […]

  2. Ultram. Says: