God’s Wheeze

Bonbibi highlights Zadie Smith’s sidelong view of Bangladesh:

People who live on solid ground, underneath safe skies, know nothing of this; they are like the English POWs in Dresden who continued to pour tea and dress for dinner, even as the alarms went off, even as the city became a towering ball of fire. Born of a green and pleasant land, a temperate land, the English have a basic inability to conceive of disaster, even when it is man-made.

It is different for the people of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan, formerly India, formerly Bengal. They live under the invisible finger of random disaster, of flood and cyclone, hurricane and mud-slide. Half the time their country lies under water; generations wiped out as regularly as clockwork; individual life expectancy an optimistic fifty-two, and they are coolly aware that when you talk about apocalypse, when you talk about random death en masse, well, they are leading the way in that particular field, they will be the first to go, the first to slip Atlantis-like down to the seabed when the pesky polar ice-caps begin to shift and melt. It is the most ridiculous country in the world, Bangladesh. It is God’s idea of a really good wheeze, his stab at black comedy.

Great observation, and probably why she’s fondly but unfairly referred to as ‘HaramZadie Smith’ by Bangalis.

[haramzadi = female haramzada = bastard]

159 Responses to “God’s Wheeze”

  1. Chris_Baker Says:

    My heart bleeds for you all … NOT

  2. sid Says:

    Thanks anyway, we’ve had our fill of bleeding heart liberals like you.

  3. sonia Says:

    sid you’ve been tagged!

  4. Tahir Says:

    Zadie rules .

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