Himal Banned

The South Asian current affairs magazine, Himal (edited by the redoubtable Kanak Dixit), has been banned in by the Emergency Government in Bangladesh following the publication of two articles in it’s May 2007 edition. The expunged articles can be found on Himal’s site:

The Dhaka regime’s messy surgery

Khaki politics in Dhaka

Himal statement:

We regret this course more so because the Bangladeshi press continues to carry independent pieces much like the one carried by Himal. We would also like to alert readers that the cover feature of the upcoming June 2007 issue of Himal will address the ongoing political experimentation in Bangladesh.

110 Responses to “Himal Banned”

  1. sonia Says:

    Thanks for posting this - i’ll flag it up on my blog too.

    How is it the emergency government has time to go around banning these sorts of publications? who tells them to ban ‘em anyway? does Fakhruddin mia have the time to do lots of bed-time reading - i just don’t get it. They should be sorting out some elections!!!

  2. Mash Says:

    Sonia, the reason the elections are being delayed is because all the advisors are busy catching up on their reading.

    So many magazines to read and so many articles to ban. No wonder they want to expand the council of advisors beyond the constitutional limit of 10.

  3. Salam Dhaka Says:


    Not advisors, consultants remember!:-)

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  9. Daniel Says:

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  10. Max Says:

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