Tasneem Khalil Arrested

TasneemBangladeshi journalist and blogger, Tasneem Khalil has been picked up from his Dhaka home and detained by military police. Tasneem has fearlessly, some would say recklessly, reported the spate of extra-judicial killings and detentions that have increased in frequency since the military-backed takeover of Bangladesh earlier this year.

Tasneem is a brilliant and uncompromising journalist (CNN, HumanRights Watch) with an unstinting record of highlighting human rights “irregularities” and privations of successive governments, not to mention the present military-stroke-civilian caretaker government, who have all benefitted from a culture of zero accountability.

Others would say Tasneem has a tendency to fly too close to the flame with his work as an investigative journalist and activist. The military are now seen to have complete control after a short period of flitting in and out of the porda during the recent civilian takeover. The detainment of journalists and the muzzling of the media is now seen as a prelude to yet more quashing of civil rights and impunity in more, so-called, extra judicial killings of the “previously powerful”.

Now is the time to raise your voice in protest, in denunciation, in any way possible, to stop Tasneems’s and other detainments and disappearances of citizens.

Other blogs who are alerting us:



Third World View

Salam Dhaka

Update: HRW press release.

Update 2: Pickled Politics is in the process of organising an e-petition and a weekend protest in front of the Bangladesh High Commssion in London.

Update 3: From Asif @ Drishtipat:

Update 9:11:33 pm BDT
Tasneem is meeting with Mahfuz Anam in his office alone. Staffers in office say he looks physically ok, but badly shaken up. He is being taken home to his wife by DS staff after the meeting with MA.

Update 8:11:15 pm BDT
Tasneem Khalil released by joint forces. 24 hours after being picked up.

Update 7:10:15 pm BDT
Senior Daily Star office are huddled in office, including Mahfuz Anam. MA has released a statement. Excerpts: ” “I contacted the authorities concerned and was informed that him being questioned was not due to his journalistic work and had nothing to do with his functions at The Daily Star….In fact, it was because of the contents of his personal blog and some SMSs he had sent recently….Following my discussions with the authorities and because of the caretaker government’s commitment to the policy of freedom of the media, it was agreed that he would be released tonight.” Full statement is not online on DS website yet.

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  1. sushanta das gupta Says:

    I am collecting all the news,blogs regarding Tasneem and updating in my site http://www.sushantaa.blogspot.com

    We should provide our best effort to save him.

  2. Global Voices Online » Bangladesh: release journalist blogger Tasneem Khalil Says:

    […] Serious Golmal is apprehensive of the situation: The detainment of journalists and the muzzling of the media is now seen as a prelude to yet more quashing of civil rights and impunity in more, so-called, extra judicial killings of the “previously powerful”. […]

  3. Pickled Politics » Important: Tasneem Khalil arrested by military police Says:

    […] Other bloggers covering: Drishtipat, Global Voices, Rezwanul, Golmal Sid, Salam Dhaka, Keep me honest, My dear Bangladesh, Adda, Deshi Voice and Butterflies and Wheels. […]

  4. sonia Says:

    this is really worrying - we have to do something!

  5. BREAKING NEWS: Tasneem Khalil arrested by Military Police in Bangladesh at Past Present & Future Says:

    […] Other bloggers covering: Drishtipat, Global Voices, Rezwanul, Golmal Sid, Salam Dhaka, Keep me honest, My dear Bangladesh, Adda, Deshi Voice and Butterflies and Wheels. […]

  6. Mahbubur Rahman Says:

    Somebody think that some reporter takes left step against country, but they should think deeply that which step is harmful for country,have to think for next generation, have to think present situation to overcome / relive country problem. But it is very bad that some reporter are MIRJAFOR/GOLAM AZAM/RASTRO DROHEE/SPY of FOREIGN country who focused to our land resouces, I mean doing this in their work, or getting result like that. Some reporter oesnot know what is doing, or for whom their doing.

    Human reight in Bangladesh ?
    First stop durnity from Everywhere.
    ie: No body knows that in local area, retail vegetables & Fish seller doing DURNITI like, I buy vegetable 10tk@kg, that vegetable in New Market or POlasi , or other Local bazar 25tk@KG , who dare. What is this. We have to fight with them who are taking illigal steps against people or country. and also I would like to thakn this govt. if thy are successfull or not, what they are Doing, it is very appreciatable & should everyone to do that.

    Melitery Backed Govt. is trying to solve some current Problem & stop violencs & trying many more which should be done by political group as elected govt.

    But Bad luck people, Some people who thinks only their own, and not love Motherland.


    JOY / JINDABAD ………dia lav nai

    DO DO and more do for people , country, nation . AND

    paser boro des
    there long term future policy, which will harm us.


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