The Sensible Neocon

Francis Fukuyama is a rare breed: a sensible and reflexive Neocon.

If anybody had been reading carefully what I said about the end of history, it was never that any given society today is capable of going through a democratic revolution … economic development matters, culture matters, and if you’ve got a society with these extremely illiberal religious parties, you’re obviously going to have trouble.


When I wrote The End of History, I did not anticipate the degree to which mistakes on the part of American leaders, in their own stewardship of American power, could create such problems and undermine the legitimacy of the broader project. I don’t think these are mistakes we’ll never recover from … but there’s no question that because of decisions in Washington, the situation has become much worse than it would have been.

They say hindsight is 20/20 Mr Fukuyama, but at least you’re not blind to the massive judgement error that is Iraq unlike other entrenched pro-war ideologues I could mention.

95 Responses to “The Sensible Neocon”

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