Julie the Obscurantist

Julie Burchill’s short piece on the Jade/Shilpa saga was published in Friday’s Evening Standard. You can find the article online, but I’m going to cut and paste it here.

…why you chav-haters should leave her alone

The predictable chav-baiting, prole-hating scumbags have emerged from their holes in Hampstead to abuse Jade. But I fail to see how social racism is worse than cultural racism. My ex-friend Nirpal Dhaliwal wrote here this week how irritating Shilpa was and that he could only watch her with the sound down. Now he is upholding her as a heroine.

Mr Dhaliwal makes his living from detailing how how irritating many people are to live with - what a shame they cannot extend this understanding to an uneducated but enterprising and essentially good-hearted young woman who, unlike so many current celebrities, achieved everything she has for herself - not because her daddy was famous, or because she married well.

Shame on the media for sadistically monstering this girl in exactly the way they accuse her of doing.

People forget how hard Jade’s life has been - she was a mother to her mother from the age of five, wheras in her thirties this is the first time Shilpa has ever been without hers.

This isn’t a clash of black against white, but of real against fake.

I love the sight of Indians, in a country with a huge class of Untouchables, prancing around burning effigies and telling us not to discriminate!

Shilpa keeps repeating, “Is it my fault I wasn’t raised in a slum, is it my fault I wasn’t born by a roadside” - as Untouchables in her country, millions of them, are.

She is obviouisly scandalised that Jade is allowed to mix with “respectable” people - ie, a bunch of washed-up showbiz nobodies. God forbid we should have social mobility here, back to the scullery with all of them.

Of course, what cultural cry-babies like Jermaine Jackson don’t cotton on to is that if society was playing by the old rules of deference, Jade would be in a scullery - but he’d be shining shoes.

Burchill’s point is this: Jade Goody’s racism/bullying should be excused since she is an underdog who has struggled to get where she is through sheer ability alone. Whereas Shilpa comes from a higher Indian social echelon which makes her hate people like Jade for their lower social status.

No prizes for spotting the self-defeating arguments, the glaring untruths and the hypocrisy in that.

What Burchill won’t say say is that when society played by the ‘old rules of deference’, even greater value was placed upon real talent and real ability than it is today.

So Jermaine Jackson would still be a hugely talented performer (as he effortlessly demonstrated on CBB) who would transcend shoe-shining in no time at all. But Julie Burchill would be scrubbing floors to the end of her days.

Why is it that only middle-class people regard Julie Burchill highly? All the WWC people I know consider her bogus apologia of non-aspirational chavism as hypocritical in the extreme. The racial insult she’s used in this article is entirely in character. For some reason Burchill is still hailed as an enfant-terrible in spite of being a reactionary middle-aged bore by reactionary middle-class bores. It’s like Punk never happened.

171 Responses to “Julie the Obscurantist”

  1. sonia Says:

    she has a point about social racism - it’s pretty much the same thing. both are problematic.

  2. leon Says:

    She also has a point about the rampant hypocrisy in this…

  3. Sid H Arthur Says:

    I think there’ve been far better commenters on the rampant hypocrisy in all of this than J Burchill.

    Such as this

  4. Sid H Arthur Says:

    But few have been as funny as this.

  5. ZinZin Says:

    The Shoe-shine reference is gratuitous, but not racist unless you think scullery maid is racist.

    The trouble with Burchill’s view of the working class is that it is a hoplessly romantic version in which they can do no wrong. How else can she applaud Lizzie Bardsley when her own neighbours (WWC) despise her. She is out of touch with the WWC despite her claim to be their greatest standard bearer.

  6. Nasser Says:

    she has a point about chav-haters

  7. tara Says:

    Although I can appreciate all the work Julie Burchall has done I really cant take her seriously. She thinks that all the working class are chavs. Which is so wrong I am working class and would hate to be compared to a chav.
    And she called David Beckham a Chav. I dont think she really knows what she is talking about.
    Also she neglects to notice that whilst Jade may have had a hard life so have many others. The difference is some people have better themselves and move on and others carry on being loud mouth irritating selfish gobshites

  8. Pucci Says:

    Julie Burchill is nothing but a tedious inverted snob. Her chav documentary did nothing but highlight her own prejudices. She holds herself up as some kind of deluded working class heroine and seems to think manners are the exclusive right of the middle classes - working class people cannot afford such luxury so therefore they are more real?! She patronizes the very people she feels the need to defend.

  9. Pucci Says:

    Having said that - agree with her or not, in this case I dont - she has written loads of brilliant, hilarious, thought provoking stuff - credit where its due.

  10. Edward the Bonobo Says:

    Oh good. I’m not the only person who finds it difficult to take Burchill seriously. Some meeja commentators, when you hear their unfocussed ramblings, it’s like listening to an auld drunk raving on the street. With the drunk, though, you pass by and don’t give it a second thought. You don’t copy it all down and publish it.

    My take on the CBB affair, old news though it is now, here.

  11. Halima Says:

    I think Julie Burchill has had a day, she was once funny, perhaps provoking, but now , well…. suburban…

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  13. Ramiie Says:

    I had once fallen out of love with Julie Burchill. Its good to know that we are nstill on the same page. Jade is a honest working class girl. Shipla Shetty is a shameless charlatan who is milking the pounds being thrown at her by acting out the slow pitiful walk of christ on the way to crucifixion.

    “Look, how humble and forgiving I am (she knows not what she does, this Jade, yet she is a child of God and I still love her, I can see into her heart and I know she is no Racist,…”

    Frankly I have never yet seen such craven oppportunism in anyone, not even an actress. Its Shilpa Shetty’s Greatest role, because every bugger seem to buy into the performance

  14. sid Says:

    Move on with your life mate. The Jade and Shilpa thing is just sooooo old. Shilpa wiped the floor with Jade and placed a well-aimed stiletto up Burchill’s blowhole. muahahahaha!

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