Bangladesh: The Price of Power Games

Prior to the emergency declared last week, many doubts have been raised about the idea of democratic viability in Bangladesh. Knowing the deterioration of the political situation in Bangladesh since 1993, these doubts are valid:

There is the extreme and insurmountable polarisation between the ruling centre-right Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and the opposition, centre-left Awami League (AWL).

The endemic corruption within the ruling party which has benefited Tareq Zia (35), the son of Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, to the tune of billions of (US) dollars that he has siphoned out of the country. Tareq happens to be an unelected party offiicial but wields more power than any other person in Bangladesh. He has single-handedly turned a democracy into a kleptocracy, whilst laughing all the way to the bank (which, at any rate, he controls).

The slow and steady growth of the Islamist political parties under the umbrella of Jamaat e Islami using the channels of democratic norms. Islamist political parties are playing by every rule in the democratic book and they are winning. They are well-organised, well funded and, thanks to their Islamic charity projects, have the most loyal vote banks. The AWL has recently made overtures to these parties despite its traditionally secular doctrine which was enshrined by Sheikh Mujib in the constitution in 1971. Fears that Bangladesh will turn into the ‘next Afghanistan‘ have never been far away. Last month, the leader of the AWL announced that it had made a partnership with a minor Islamist party, the Bangladesh Khelafat Majlish (BKM). This was a cynical and shoddy move to curry favour with extremists, the very group that had been the anathema for secular supporters of the AWL. This is Kuldip Nayar’s comment on this unnatural alliance:

I feel the real tragic figure is his daughter, Shaikh Hasina. All her life she fights fundamentalism and keeps distance from anti-liberation forces. But for the sake of votes, she shakes hands with Bangladesh Khilafat Majlish, a fundamentalist and counter-revolutionary organisation.

Hasina is correct when she says that the caretaker government has failed to create “free and fair” environment for election. But she is wrong when she signs a pact with the Majlish to recognise the principles of fatwa and promises to bar any enactment which goes against the Quranic values. There is nothing wrong in upholding Quranic values. But she does not realise she mixes religion with the state. This is not what the liberation forces had in mind when they seceded from West Pakistan. Nor would have Shaikh Mujib imagined his daughter might one day shatter his dream of pluralistic country.

Another question that should be asked on microphones, amplified from every rooftop, in every village and town is - do we want democracy to be bludgeoned to death by these inept politicians only to let the Islamists in through the back door? If Bangladeshis have one collective, national characteristic it is this: wilfull self destruction to prevent the other to get what they think they want. If democracy means the installation of the Islamists into the Dhaka Parliament, wouldn’t it be better to freeze the democratic project for Bangladesh entirely? File under “failed” for long enough at least to flush out the divisive gangrene of the BNP and the AWL?

This article by Delwar Hussain in openDemocracy explains succinctly how the score card of BNP-AWL politics will be a win-win result for the Islamists.

The long-term damage done to the secular project over the years is evident in the fact that its self-declared champion is doing nothing to uphold it. As power is transferred - from Zia to Ershad to Khaleda to Hasina - the Islamist project gets stronger and stronger. The logic is that the next election - whenever it is held - will bring the Islamists to power, regardless of who becomes prime minister. The Islamists were once seen as being against Bangladesh itself, anti-national; then as important power-brokers in the country’s politics; today, they are on the point of being crowned kings.

In the three general elections that have been held since 1993, voter turnout has been 75+%. So is it democracy that has failed in Bangladesh or is it the politicians who have failed Bangladesh’s democracy? After all, it is they who have subverted voter franchise and due process and scuppered any chance for Bangladesh to be a secular, pluralist democratic country.

198 Responses to “Bangladesh: The Price of Power Games”

  1. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Bangladesh: State of emergency, bloggers as information source Says:

    […] Sid of Serious Golmal asks: “So is it democracy that has failed in Bangladesh or is it the politicians who have failed Bangladesh’s democracy?” […]

  2. Mash Says:

    Sid, you make some excellent points that capture a lot of the fears some of us have about the future in Bangladesh.

    The rise of the Islamists is very troubling - especially since a lot of these guys are war criminals who have yet to be tried for their crimes.

    I think western powers have traditionally supported the center right parties and their Islamist allies in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. This is a relic of the cold war - the fear of leftist, secular parties because they are seen as close to the communists. Well, the west is now reaping what they sowed. And so is Bangladesh.

    I am extremely concerned about the current state of emergency. I don’t think it is at all clear whether power will be handed back to an elected government or whether the military will take over. If that happens, the politicians can pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

    As far as who has failed who, I think the answer is the Bangladeshis have failed each other. Democracy is a system that can be used or abused. Its not a silver bullet, as Mr. Bush likes to claim, but merely a tool of good governance. Bangladeshi politicians have used this tool of democracy to enrich themselves and screw the people, as they have always done.

    Sad time for Bangladesh.

  3. Pickled Politics » Unfolding events in Bangladesh Says:

    […] PP’s own Golmal Sid has been also covering the state of affairs, worried about the growing influence of power-hungry Islamist parties. The endemic corruption within the ruling party which has benefited Tareq Zia (35), the son of Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, to the tune of billions of (US) dollars that he has siphoned out of the country. Tareq happens to be an unelected party offiicial but wields more power than any other person in Bangladesh. He has single-handedly turned a democracy into a kleptocracy, whilst laughing all the way to the bank (which, at any rate, he controls). […]

  4. 全球之声-全球博客内容中文翻译版 » Blog Archive » 孟加拉: 紧急状态下,博客取代媒体 Says:

    […] Serious Golmal的Sid想问: 究竟是孟加拉的民主制度失败?还是政治人物使孟加拉民主溃败? […]

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