Happy Sane New Year

If you’re tired of impotent chest-beating and mawkish sabre-rattling, tired of the confidence trickery of NeoConservatism and the morality swindlers of New Labour and the pro-war Left, tired of anti-Muslim racism masquerading as anti-Islamist liberalism, tired of not willing to tell the difference between fighting terrorism and the invasion and occupation of Iraq then its time to shake off the demons of the last five years and look forward to a bullshit-free 2007.

46 Responses to “Happy Sane New Year”

  1. atari Says:

    I’m looking forward to a bullshit-free 2007, but I don’t expect it to happen…

  2. Rezwan Says:

    Happy new year to you too!

  3. andrew morris Says:

    Here’s to a bs-free year: one in which Dubbya will see the error of his ways and join an ashram, Tony Blair will offer himself up for an international war crimes trial, and the world will come to accept Chavez as the Enlightened One.

  4. Paulie Says:

    I don’t know Sid, we know each other don’t we? And I think that some of the caracatures that you’ve provided here are intended to approximate some people that share some of my views?

    Are you saying that I’m racist in some way? Or is your line on “of anti-Muslim racism masquerading as anti-Islamist liberalism” just another way of looking fashionable without actually making an argument?

  5. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Paulie, glad you picked up on that.

    Although there is a fair amount of anti-Muslim racism masquerading as anti-Islamist liberalism from people who share your views, I’m not foolish enough to suggest for a minute that its all racism, after all, I’m an anti-Islamist myself.

    Will you be as exacting of commenters who suggest that anti-Semitism masquerades as anti-Zionism too, as you have been with my assertion of anti-Muslim racism? A valid claim by those who share your views too. Or is that not a case of “looking fashionable without actually making an argument” either?

    Look forward to arguing with you over pints in Upper St pubs sometime soon. You know my name, look up the number. Happy new year to you and yours.

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