Iran Holocaust Denial Masterclass

Sexy-Sadie Ahmadinejad announced details of a conference questioning whether the Holocaust really happened. This follows an international outcry a year ago when Sexy-Sadie Ahmadinejad described the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis as “myth” fabricated to justify Israel.

The conference will have six panel discussions and an open forum. It will discuss the capacity of Nazi death camps and the impact of the second world war on other national and ethnic groups. Iranian officials say Jewish suffering is played up at the expense of other victims. Manouchehr Mohammadi, the foreign ministry’s research and education officer, said the conference was intended as a platform for open discussion of the Holocaust, which Iran claims is denied in the west.

In Bangladesh, bastards from the same political gutter as Sexy-Sadie, are called Razakars. For them, the Iranian Holocaust denial conference presents a masterclass on how to deny the genocide committed in Bangladesh in 1971. From the Mathematics of a Genocide:

A few Neo-Razakars and some Pakistanis are in the devious game again. They are trying to sow the seed of doubt in the minds of new generation of Bangalees about the severity of 1971 Genocide. One of these Neo-Razakars even had the audacity to say that only about few hundred thousand (150 000 - 250 000) people were killed in Bangladesh. We know why these people are suddenly active again when the Bangladesh election is just a month away. One Pakistani even said that it is nearly impossible for the 90 000 Pakistani soldiers to kill 3 million Bangladeshis in just 9 months time. Let us do some calculations to refute their well design plan. Let us take our calculator and do some calculations based on international data. We shall do this calculation and compare that with those of Cambodia, another land of genocide.

Attempts at denying the Bangladesh Genocide is being legally contested in Federal court in Australia. From wiki:

A case was filed in the Federal Court of Australia on 20 September, 2006 for alledged crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity during 1971 by the Pakistani Armed Forces and its collaborators. Raymond Solaiman & Associates acting for the plantive Mr. Solaiman, have released a press statment which amoung other things says:[33]

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