Liberal Creep

We have to deport terrorist suspects whatever their fate.

So says Nick Cohen in an article which sets a new low by so called British liberals in their rapprochement with governments who are willing to do their dirty work for them. In this case, Cohen is willing to reinforce the New Labour canard that old rules no longer apply because:

  • We are in an unprecendented position and
  • Al Qaeda are terrorists who have never bothered with the Human Rights of their victims, so why must we accord them with the Human Rights Act?

For Cohen and other “liberal” apologists of torture, it is now perfectly legitimate to deport terror suspects back to their countries in the full knowledge that they will be tortured by their governments in order to extract information which will then be used to implicate other suspects in order to defend our way of life.

But Shuggy is having none of it:

In defending ‘our way of life’, it is my contention that it is this latter tradition we should be defending, rather than the backsliding into the barbarism we have seen growing in the West since the 1960s. Those using the ‘ticking time-bomb’ rationale should understand that there was never a time in human history where torture was not justified in terms of some wider good. It may have been dressed up in religious language but the justification has always been the same. What we should see as a threat is even the hint of a suggestion that this may in some way be acceptable, that we should ever consent, or be complicit in, the state having this kind of power over another human being.

Thank goodness for right-minded liberals like Shuggy who are not willing to sell short the ideals of democracy, which in the final analysis, are the only weapons we have against the Islamist threat.

This readiness to dispose of the Human Rights Act places Cohen in the same territory as David Cameron’s take on the European Convention of Human Rights, which the Conservatives are ready to ditch. Not Saussure examines Cameron’s plans which will allow the Home Secretary the power to deport whomsoever he pleases as long as the spooks at MI5 can furnish him with enough data to justify deportation. That’s the kind of thing that probably has NeoCon “liberals” like Nick Cohen soiling their pants in paroxysms of delight.

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