It’s About Bloody Time

My usage of the word ‘bloody’ here in the adjectival as well as mild expletive.
From a BBC blog [Justin Webb]:

President Bush, faced with the prospect of a bitter fight with the newly powerful Democrats - a fight he would probably lose - has opted for appeasement. He has thrown raw meat to the Democrats, in the shape of his defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld.

The Republicans have suffered huge losses on the issue of the War on Iraq. Nothing underlines this more than Rumsfeld’s “resignation”, now just so much raw meat. If Bush had ejected him 6 months ago, this wouldn’t have looked as weak and stupid as it does now.

A nice factual vivisection of Rumsfeld’s lies is well demonstrated in this Keith Olbermann reportage of a face off between Rumsfeld and ex-CIA activist Ray McGovern.

The next two years of the Bush administration may see more heads roll. Who’s next, you may ask? Well, here’s Ray McGovern again, this time making some forthright suggestions about the culpability of Dick Cheney. Positively shocking.

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