Cabaret Volte-face

I don’t want to wax my own johnson here, but it’s quite gratifying to find out that two of my favourite bloggers don’t think with their Suzanne Dandoos* when it comes to Iraq.

Johann Hari:

I haven’t written about Iraq recently, because I think those of us who supported this catastrophic invasion should apologise and then have the humility to shut up and reflect on what we have wrought.

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And the ginger but handsome Daniel Davis in a playful mood:

I am giving the pro-war left the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that their statements that “the troops must stay” are based on a sincere assessment of the situation in Iraq, rather than a knee-jerk determination to say “me too” to every neocon project. I can hardly believe they’re going to change their minds on the necessity of those troops in six weeks’ time on the say-so of George Bush, particularly since they’ve only just realised that he’s an idiot who makes bad predictions about Iraq. So I look forward to the marches, the protests and the demonstrations which they are presumably going to have to organise when the announcement is made that the troops are coming home.

Since the slogan “Stay the Course” is apparently no longer wanted by its inventors, I think it would make a good banner slogan for the Decent Left as they arrange their rallies in Hyde Park for the “Keep the War” campaign. I can even think of a couple of slogans; “Ho Ho, Hey Hey, All Those Troops Have Got To Stay”, perhaps, or “1, 2, 3, 4, Who Will Love This Little War?” Maybe there could be a few emotional speeches from the families of soldiers who have had a really exciting time and benefited from a battlefield promotion?

This is of course, more of a whimsy than a credible suggestion. Nobody, not even Nick Cohen, would suggest that British troops ought to be working twelve hour days making Basra safe for Khomeinists if they didn’t happen to already be there doing it. When the hour draws round, the Decents will simply suck up the new official line that “the Iraqis are ready to take over”.

The idea that taking troops out of Iraq would result in bloody civil war will be consigned to the bin of past tense predictions. They may even write a few articles sneering at the rest of us for not believing this would ever happen. But I presume that it will be safe by then, as it is now, to laugh out loud at statements about the future of Iraq made by war supporters. They have a really bad track record on this one.

Because of course, despite what I said a few paragraphs ago, it is clear that we should not be giving the Decents the benefit of the doubt when it comes to questioning the sincerity of their concern for the Iraqis. This was never really about the Iraqis and they have not only just discovered that the Bush administration were a bunch of chancers with the Minus Midas Touch.

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56 Responses to “Cabaret Volte-face”

  1. Les Ismore Says:

    Daniel Davis also makes some good qualifying comments to his pro-war left piss taking, including this:

    “I think that there will be a bloody civil war in Iraq whether or not the troops pull out - there is in fact a bloody civil war going on there right now. There is, as I’ve said a few times, very little that can be done to prevent that. What it is possible to do, from the standpoint of a contributor to the Guardian blog, is to try and do as much damage to the political careers of the fools who got us into this mess, so that they don’t get any more chances to inflict their disastrously bad judgement on anyone else.”

    I don’t know about damaging their careers, but I’d sure like to see some of those politicians be made to jump into a 5000 litre vat of their own shit as way of recompense.

  2. Sid H Arthur Says:

    I don’t know about damaging their careers, but I’d sure like to see some of those politicians be made to jump into a 5000 litre vat of their own shit as way of recompense.

    A vat of their own making?

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