Race & Identity 19 Oct 2006 12:27 am

Fear and Loathing in the UK

Following the continuing hysteria that has been drummed up in the media since Jack Straw started a “helpful” debate, anti-Muslim feeling has shot through the roof. Now we have had a slew of politicians from all parties play to the anti-multiculturalism gallery in a scramble to appear receptive, open to debate and protective of British culture from the spectre of Islam. What does this anti-Muslim hysteria mean for a British Muslim?

Unfortunately it means a rise in violence targetted at Muslims on our streets. Events such as this or this or this or this or this should be cause for concern. Events that the scum rags print with glee and which serve only to propagate a cycle of further violence.

Jonathan Freedland observes on CiF:

That’s how it’s been almost every day since Jack Straw raised the matter of the veil nearly two weeks ago. Even before, Muslims could barely open a paper without seeing themselves on the front of it. David Cameron’s speech to the Tories a week earlier was trailed in advance as an appeal for Muslims to open up their single-faith schools: “Ban Muslim ghettos” was one headline.


The result is turning ugly and has, predictably, spilled on to the streets. Muslim organisations report a surge in physical and verbal attacks on Muslims; women have had their head coverings removed by force. A mosque in Falkirk was firebombed while another in Preston was attacked by a gang throwing bricks and concrete blocks.

Of course, such violence would be condemned by any politician asked about it. But a climate is developing here and every time a politician raises a question that would, on its own and in the quiet of the seminar room, be legitimate for debate, they are adding to it. They should feel shame for their reckless spraying of petrol on a growing blaze. Instead they applaud themselves, and are applauded in the press, for their bravery in daring to say what needs to be said.

In fact, the courageous politician would refuse to join this open season on Muslims and seek to cool things down - beginning with an explanation of how we got here. The elements include many of those that feature in any build-up of hostility to a single, derided group, here or across the world.

Note: The comments left on CiF posts are unusually noxious. The ones that follow this Freedland’s article are particularly bad and exemplify the levels of pernicious hatred that this hysteria has reached.

Muslims are being badly let down by politicians who have found an ideal demographic (Southasian British Muslims) onto whch they can project the fears and grievances of a population who are being fed anti-Muslim schlock on a daily basis.

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