Prof Yunus wins Nobel Peace Prize

Muhammad YunusI was overjoyed on Friday when Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and we’ve been on a weekend of wild and debauched celebrations since. Microcredit, Yunus’ brainchild, has been implemented in over 100 countries all over the world, and has empowered millions of poor and poverty stricken people, mostly women.

The Bangladeshi blogosphere has been in paroxysms of delight, naturally. Drishtipat and Mash has some excellent coverage.

What now for Prof Yunus? In a country whose people are sick to their back teeth with the shenanigans of successive corrupt kleptocratic governments, Yunus is expected to step into the political arena.

Yunus is a visionary, a successfull businessman and has formidable organisational skills. I hope that he injects some much needed dynamism into the young country (average age 22), and overhaul the poisonous political status quo of systemic corruption and sentimental dynastic incompetence. Bangladesh has too much going for it to be held back by the failures of the present political system.

We know he knows the problems that are at hand. He might even know what to do about them.

71 Responses to “Prof Yunus wins Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. Mash Says:

    I am still a little giddy after Friday’s announcement. Getting the politics of debauchery out of Bangladesh will take some effort. But, perhaps irrationally, this weekend I have hope.

  2. sonia Says:

    been so busy having my own debauched weekend i hadn’t heard any of these announcements ( no tv helps as well) good news and some well deserved recognition!

    re: all the hoopla re: dragging bangladesh out of corruption - well would be nice but it needs everyone to work together, not one person. cynical? perhaps. though i think if people are inspired by someone’s excellence - that’s always a great thing and might do the trick. but focusing on one person is perhaps unfair and too much of a herculean task.

    still - very good news

  3. Sid H Arthur Says:

    hmmm, perhaps my euphoria has clouded my judgement. The least Prof Yunus should do is to start some kind of foundation for incubating economic excellence. There are a bunch of other people in BD whose achievements have been astounding - FH Abed of BRAC comes to mind. In a sea of shite, they stand out as islands of excellence.

  4. Mash Says:

    Ok, I am still going to hold on to my euphoria for a couple of more days. I think the microcredit model could be expanded to other areas to bring about change from the bottom up. As you say, BRAC is a great example. I do think if we can leverage the attention the Nobel has garnered, we will have taken a worthwhile step forward.

    I don’t put it all on Dr. Yunus’s shoulders. He has given the rest of us a model to build on - the rest is up to us.

    Having said all that, I will now return to my cartwheels! :)

  5. Sid H Arthur Says:

    This is a comment left on the Drishtipat post on the Yunus Nobel award which I’m cutting and pasting here. The comment is by a man named Akhtar Mahmood in Afghanistan. It is, quite simply, excellent.

    I am celebrating this great news sitting in a small room in an almost deserted Kabul guest house. With a deadline looming, I am glued to my lap top and with the only phone in the guest house deciding to go dead today, I can’t call anyone and share my joy. But thankfully the internet is working. Had I been at home in the US today, I would have surely spent the day watching Bangladeshi TV. Had I been in Dhaka, I do not know what I would have done!

    But there is still great comfort in Kabul. In a country where millions of dollars of aid money have apparently got wasted, micro-credit is making a real difference. And while many organizations are involved, more than 80% of the micro-credit is being provided by just one agency, a Bangladeshi NGO - BRAC. We do not have an embassy here so the official flag does not fly. But the Bangladeshi flag is still flying high in the villages of Afghanistan, as it is doing in so many other countries, through the work of these dedicated people.

    Prof. Yunus and his dedicated colleagues in Grameen Bank have shown what can be achieved when you combine bold dreams with simple, common-sensical solutions and retain a great faith in the potential of ordinary people.

    It is highly appropriate that the prize was split between Prof. Yunus and Grameen Bank, showing both the power of a visionary individual as well as the need to have institutions. Yunus could not have achieved this much on his own; Grameen would not have been here without his leadership.

  6. Says:

    let him have another nobel. then we could be convinced that this nobel was a real one.

    he should stay away from the so called shushil shomaj.
    thats what i know.
    if he remains grameen as ever, he would be good.

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