Islamophobia and its effect on Non-Muslims

This is tragic and sickening.

The Joacph family home and its neighbouring garage, in the Saltersgill area of Middlesbrough, were covered with messages.

These claimed that the family were terrorists, and also called for the killing of Muslims.

The Joacphs, who are practising Roman Catholics, say they are devastated by the incident.

Originally from India, they have lived in the area for three years.

Perhaps Jack Straw would like to open up another debate on the effect of irresponsible politicians on cowardly, racist fuckwits.

164 Responses to “Islamophobia and its effect on Non-Muslims”

  1. nasser Says:

    Jack Straw will only “open” a debate if it will help to win him votes. “Must win election” is the motivation that occupies his frontal lobe most of all, and what colours his world view and affects all of his actions. To understand him and his kind is not very diffuclt.

    So, no - as you imply in your post - we won’t be seeing him writing an open letter to the Telegraph about the effects of irresponsible politicians.

    Rest assured that Jack Straw would rather have us all discussing the veil in the context of the “clash of civilizations” and the implied superiority of his industrilized, materialistic, de-sacrlized civilization. He would have us think that he and his party represent and defend this civilization - which has intoxicated us all - and that it is under attack and that to keep it in existence we had better keep him in parliament.

    Jack Straw does not expect people to read between the lines or to understand his true motives behind what he is doing. It is easy for him to hide behind these smoke screens of emotional discord. I wonder how many non veil-wearing muslim women he communicates with daily, in contrast to the veil-wearing muslim who he finds it so hard to communicate with.

    But wonder of wonders - Jack Straw seems to have succeeded in making a nation believe and be concerned that the dress sense of a fractional part of a minority group has an important bearing on the socio-economics of the nation (muslims are 2.5% of the UK’s population) - forget about the government’s failings in education, health, prisons, etc, etc. Truly, this “war on terror” has many advantages.

    So - do not expect Jack Straw to write an open letter to the Telegraph about the veil as a human expression of the love for the Divine source of creation. This would promote too much understanding. Do not expect him to ask Hassidic Jews to stop wearing black suits and hats. This would probably jeopardise his party’s funding and hence his wage packet.

    Now, even those who gainsay Jack Straws opinions on the veil have praised him for “opening the debate”. How boring that they cannot see that Mr Straw and his kind will not open a debate about anything which does not serve their own interests.

  2. Peter Lambert Says:

    The constant use of “the Islamic community” is disturbing. Only jews and gays are described as having a “community”. There is no Anglican, Roman Catholic or Presbyterian “community”. Muslims emphasise their separation by calling their organisations a “parliament” or “council”. How would we feel if Polish immigrants established their own “parliament” in this country?

    The Muslim maniac who challenged the Home Secretary’s right to enter a muslim area said on Radio 4 that he loved this country. What does he love about it since he evidenty hates its indiginous population? The countryside? The historic buildings? Presumably only fellow muslims living in one of the urban ghettos.

    A fundamental requirement of anyone living in this country is that they respect its laws, just as we have to respect the laws of a Muslim country when we visit it. Among our laws is freedom of speech. Anyone who cannot tolerate freedom of speech is not entitled to live here.

  3. nasser Says:

    Peter Lambert, I don’t know you, but what you say is mostly true, and raise interesting points.

    Not sure where you got the “Islamic communinity” from. I think you’re the first to mention it on the this blog. Unless you’re making a theological reference to the “Ummah” - the community of all muslims who ever lived and are yet to be born for whom the Prophet of Islam used to supplicate for. Because other than this (rather notional) unity, there is very little that unites the Muslims of today.

    Yes, there is a “Muslim Counil of Britain” and a “Muslim Parliament” and even (Heaven help us), a “Sufi Council of Muslims”, the latter of which is attempting to curry favour with Blair’s cabinet. But don’t be alarmed. These organisations are generally just innefectual groups of aging businessmen who need a worthwhile casue to sink surplus funds. The majority of muslims either:
    a) don’t even know/care that these organisations exist,
    b) openly laugh at them, or
    c) resent the fact that these groups claim to represent them without having been elected and, without hardly ever doing do anything of much use anyway.

    As for you Peter, you can either:
    a) trust me on this
    b) not believe me, or
    c) ask some muslims and find out for youself

    With regard to your other points:
    - The “muslim maniac” who attacked the Home Sec. is simply a maniac. It is the nature of mania to cause delusions in the sufferer. Does a non-muslim maniac who kills and rapes need to be called a “secular maniac”? (Answer: no, unless there is some political agenda or subliminal brainwashing at play).

    - It is in fact a fundamental tenet of Islam and of Islamic jurisprudence that practising muslims should respect and *follow* the laws of the country in which they live. Muslims who overlook this are not practising Islam correctly. They are simply criminals and fuckwits.

    - I agree that the respect of freedom of speech is one of the great achievements of this country. Until recently, the same could be said about the respect for freedom of dress.

  4. nasser Says:

    By the way, Polish people in the UK are increasingly becoming the brunt of racist attacks. This is even without the existence of a “Polish Council” (as far as I know)


    Hm, maybe I should get my own blog.

  5. andrew morris Says:

    Another tragic example of the racial ignorance that seems to be the blight of Western Europe. Thanks, Sid, for raising this point, and highlighting how little coverage this will get. No votes in this kind of issue.

    Nasser - a voice of reason. And yes mate, I’d read your blog if you had one.

    Peter, you need to stop seeing in every deluded man a symbol of all Muslims. Don’t forget that in your terms Ian Paisley would have to be labelled a Christian Maniac, along with Blair and Bush, both of whom have openly made use of religion and prayer in their public personas, even while raining destruction and death on hundreds of thousands of innocent civlians.

    And as for your comment,”Anyone who cannot tolerate freedom of speech is not entitled to live here”, what does that say about those who keep arresting Brian Haw on Parliament Sq?”.

  6. Zub Says:

    Hi, Zub here. Wanted to share these links. Things are getting progressively worse. PP might do a lot more to highlight what’s going on.

  7. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Thanks for these links Zub.

  8. Paulie Says:


    Are you suggesting that Jack Straw inspired a racist attack? Or that he was irresponsible in raising the issue about constituents visiting his surgery wearing veils?

    I have a vague recollection of racist attacks happening BEFORE he made these comments.

  9. Sid H Arthur Says:


    Are you suggesting that Jack Straw’s comments didn’t inspire some attacks, or at least the attack on a woman who had her veil pulled off in Birmingham?

  10. ian Says:

    Saltersgill estate has a dislike of all outsiders whatever colour they are or nationality.they dislike even those from neighbouring towns.

    However the governement know theres a massive racism problem and still put asylum seekers here

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