Torture? What Torture?

Mash has written a long, edgy and brilliant post on the Bush administration’s record on kidnap, torture, kangaroo courts, trumped up charges and, amongst other things, secret prisons whilst at the same time expecting the strict imposition of the Geneva Conventions from other governments.

The Bush Administration has always committed or justified detention without charge and torture with a wink and a nod. However, last week it moved to legitimize its actions by writing torture into the law. The Bush Administration legitimized torture much in the same way other odious regimes have done in the past - they have redefined torture and then claimed that they do not “torture”. So, small things like punching, kicking, cutting, and other thuggery are now not really torture unless you end up killing or seriously maiming the victim. They have also taken away the power of the Geneva Conventions by stating that the “Geneva Conventions” in effect do not exist for the purposes of defense against torture by the United States. Apparently, even if one could show that the United States violates the Geneva Conventions, the victim could not invoke the Geneva protections. They have left it up to the President to decide which methods constitute activity short of torture unless the method is a “grave breach” of the Geneva Conventions - how very civil!

Needless to say you have to read the whole thing.

68 Responses to “Torture? What Torture?”

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