NY Times blocks Airline Plot article

The New York Times site has blocked access to UK readers to an article about the recent Airline plot, reports the Guardian.

David T says of this decision:

The New York Times’ concern is that it might find itself in contempt of court by publishing the article: although it appears that no specific information in the article is the subject of a court order restricting reporting. Indeed, convictions - including that of Rose West - have been upheld in circumstances which have been the subject of considerably more extensive comment and speculation than this investigation. Particularly in the present case - where the nature of the plot was so significant, and where extensive police and governmental comment has already taken place - it is difficult to see why the New York Times has taken such a nervous approach:

Mark Stephens, a media lawyer at Finer, Stephens, Innocent, said he did not believe the article was prejudicial and blocking it would increase the likelihood of British readers reading it.”Lawyers have a tendency to be overcautious on occasions,” he said. “By not publishing it, it is almost inevitable that the information will come into the public domain in the UK. It is already being copied on to blog sites and emailed around the globe.

In fact, the article adds only a little to that which we know already.

Pickled Politics is one of hundreds of internet sites that are mirroring the article published. So, for the sake of Google points I’m posting the link to Sunny’s post, where you can read the article in full version here.

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  1. All About Nothing Says:

    […] This entry should be titled “US newspaper stirs with nothing new” or something similar…anyway, taking a leaf out of this blog’s book here’s another link to Pickled Politics to up its Google rankings. […]

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