Dissembling Political Sufism

Set up to counter the ‘moderates’ of the MCB (cue laughtrack), the Sufi Muslim Council (SMC) seems to have attracted tepid interest from the Muslim community. This limited interest in the new political outfit is already the subject of an HT-style dissembling campaign.
A NeoCon and a Sufi

A SMC-watch type blog (The Sufi Muslim Council Exposed) has been set up with a long and detailed article on its links with neo-cons at the White House and the supporters of the Uzbek government (and its deplorable human rights record).

Shaikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, the spiritual head of the Council, has a record of being against Wahhabism, as any Sufi worth their salt would be. But more worrying is his association to Zeyno Baran of the Nixon Centre, whose record of exacerbating schisms within Islam could not be a worse endorsement for an intellectual masthead of a Muslim organisation.

Muslim bloggers such as Anarcho, Thabet and Osama Saeed all tend to agree that the article, although an elaborate and detailed hatchet job, does contain compelling evidence on the motives of the SMC.

Surely a balanced, non-partisan analysis of the Sufi Muslim Council is what is required, and not anonymous blogs posted in the middle of the night or diatribes from national Muslim organisations who should know better. If SMC are indeed a bunch of Blairite patsies, British Muslims - and the British media - need to be told.

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  1. Faisal Khan Says:

    Interesting blog

    Read it - doesn’t appear “HT style” - they tend not to attack other groups in this manner - more likely to be written by other Sufis [who are the majority] or MCB sympathisers - the material is probably taken from some of the stuff that was already widely available on the http://WWW.

  2. Sid H Arthur Says:

    I think you’re probably right.

  3. Thara Says:

    MCB, SMC, IHRC, MPAC, MP & IPB….anf any other Islamic orientated acronymy groups don’t really represent anybody but their own members. The government should stop looking to them to ’speak for Muslim’s’ since there is no one ‘Muslim community’.

  4. Abu Yusuf Says:

    The Connections with the Blair government are clear for those in the know. The government have been courting Hisham Kabbani, Tahir-ul-Qadri and Maulana Farooqi from Manchester for some time. The former two are explicit supporters of this new Sufi Muslim Council. It has also been trying to enlist other promenient Sufi Ulema over the last 6 months at least to little success.
    Also Haris Rafiq is running around trying to buy up Muslim “celebs” telling them “there is a lot of money going” for being part of this project. One such person told me recently that he told Haris where to go that you could give him a bag of chips, all he needed was a change on foreign policy.

  5. Dawood Wilson Says:

    Abu Yusuf
    Please stop telling lies!!! This has not happened. Please either name the celeb, with contact details or stop telling slanderous lies. The SMC only crime is that they have spoken up against extremism. They are not neo cons, Blairites etc. All of the info is hearsay. By the way, I am a mureed of Sh Hamza Yusuf, and he has already piblicly denied the fact that he added his name to any complaint against any Shaykh. This is example of the lies in the article. Remember the Mufthi of saudi who gave a Fatwah in the 80’s that the Earth was flat. He was the grand Mufthi of saudi, and he was able to rally the same amount of support from the same sheep. The evidence is hearsay. Zeyno Baran (and I do not agree with all of her ideas), has not written any articles for SMC. Her articles that have been printed have been public knowledge etc. Has anyone spoken to SMC, before we eat their flesh?

  6. Abu Yusuf Says:

    You’re a mureed of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf?????!!!!!!!!
    I didn’t know he was a Murshid, may i ask who he has recieved Khilafat from and which tariqat he belongs to? As far as i was I am not telling lies, all of what I have said is true, like i said anyone in the know, knows the reality. If you don’t know then you shouldn’t accuse me of being a liar. There is is an ISCA press release on the ISCA website in which it is reported that Hisham Kabbani congratluated Jack Straw on Britain’s work in the middle east, this was from last year. Is this hearsay too? Also on the same site there is a report on Uzbekistan which talks positivley and supportivley of one of the most tyrannical and anti-Islamic governments on the planet. Is this also hearsay? Also a whole page dedicated to links to pages promoting and supporting the Bush administration. Is this also hearsay? Also all the articles on the SMC website are authored by neo-cons. If this was truly just a Sufi organisation attacking wahabbis, then why not fill their extremist section with the scholarly articles refuting the wahabbis that can be easily found on the ASFA website or Masud’s or Ya Nabi.com or countless others? Or is this all hearsay as well. Why was this groupd launched by the government in the house of commons and has an ex-labor MP as one of it’s co-founders??? Haris Rafiq came on newsnight and said that the people he represented don’t want to live under the Shariah. What kind of Sufism is that??

  7. Abu Yusuf Says:

    Interesting been searching the net high and low and as i suspected not a single reference to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf being given khilafat and thus being able to take mureeds, even on his own Zaytuna institute site. No wonder “Dawood Wilson” - SMC’s sole supporter has gone so quiet….

  8. Sid H Arthur Says:

    How can a shaikh who is obviously in love with himself and is busy waxing his johnson in the Oval office of the Whitehouse and still insists on calling himself a sufi shaikh? Stuff of farce.

  9. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Your comment #3: I absolutely agree with you for a change.

  10. Ijaz Shah Says:

    Salaams to everyone,
    I have been reading your opinions related to SMC, why do you people make judgements of others when you truly do not know their reality. What they are trying to do with the SMC is try to give a voice for people who do not accept the Wahaabis view constantly be blurted out by their so called representatives in the media, they do not represent me or my family and friends. I personallly congratulate the brothers and sisters for their intiative. Islam is truly a religion of peace and tolerance and the only way to change hearts is through love not hate. We need to encourage and support these people not slander them,they surely have good intentions.The only people who are hurt by this organisation are the wahaabis.

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