Out of Touch TV

Real Talk is yet another ‘Live Phone-in show’ on BanglaTV (SKY channel 791), where viewers phone in to discuss the issue at £1 per minute.

The studio panel, who were brought in to field viewers’ questions on ‘The Foiled Terror Plot’, included Leighton Holloway editor from the Blink website, Councillor Ian Page from Lewisham (Socialist Party) and Nazmul Haq from Hizbut Tahrir.

The panellists regurgitated the usual points with depressing predictability. Between them they laid the blame of the terrorist attempts on UK foreign policy, the legacy of Britain’s imperial past and a systemic victimisation of Muslims, respectively.

A good proportion of the viewers who took the trouble to phone in made the point that in addition to the effect of foreign policy on Muslim matters, other factors such as the injection and adoption of extremist attitudes and ideas also needed to be addressed by Muslim leaders. One caller said that Bangladeshi Muslims are not conjoined ideologically to geo-political issues in the Middle East that would justify blowing up transatlantic airlines. Another caller was incensed that BanglaTV was giving airtime to the extremist views of Hizbut Tahrir. Excellent stuff from the Bangla TV viewers, I thought.

But the presenter was only too happy settle for the emotive and woolly “attack on Islam” position that must be the editorial line. He glibly elided difficult questions, allowed them little rumination amongst his panel, who like him, were more than happy to extol their party peices.

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  1. Someday I Will Treat You Good » no platform? Says:

    […] Maybe things have moved on across the piece and the far left no longer support a no platform policy.  Anyway, a bit disappointing to see Ian Page (Socialist Party councillor for Telegraph Hill) seems to be comfortable to share a television studio with Hizb-ut Tahrir. […]

  2. Babar M Says:

    What’s BanglaTV doing making it their business to broadcast HuT spokesmen without the balance of other Muslims on their programs?

    Is BanglaTV going to expose more HuT tendencies?

  3. Thara Says:

    I wasn’t aware that many ppl watched BTV World anymore in the UK. Ever since ChannelS started broadcasting in Syloti and concentrating on the UK, BTV is going down in the ratings.

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