Sliver of Light

Tony Blair’s speech at Los Angeles has been hailed by the media. But was it the closest public re-evaluation of his role on the pitiful state of events in the Middle East and Iraq as well as the US-led ‘War on Terror’? The Times opened with coverage on this unexpected speech.

Aides to Mr Blair described his speech to the World Affairs Council as a challenge to the US, not a change of attitude. They said it was “nonsense” to suggest Mr Blair was having doubts about war in Iraq. But dissident Labour MPs were delighted. Fabian Hamilton, who sits on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said that he hoped the party and the Muslim community would welcome the speech, “even if they might say ‘ it’s about time, too’.”

He continued: “It was obvious from the start that you do not fight terror by condemning a whole section of the world community as extremists and exacerbating that by supporting the dreadful bombing on Lebanon. It sounds like he has seen the light.”

Blair’s political capital has long dwindled into the red with the