Middle East 24 Jul 2006 12:32 am

Helping Lebanon

There is a massive humanitarian crisis happening in Lebanon with the displaced estimated at 500,000. [LATimes]

As Israeli warplanes continues to bomb civilian targets, thousands of families evacuate the cities to safer territories. But even civilians who are making their perilious escape are not safe from Israeli strikes.

SandMonkey praises his “Brother Arabs” helping Lebanon but admonishes them their hyperbolic and insubstantial offers of generosity:

Let’s tell them: Dear lebanese people, let us be the first to say it. OUR HOMES ARE OPEN TO YOU until this is over. Come down to Egypt, it’s safe, and it’s not nearly as expensive as Jordan or as guilty as Syria. We will take you in until this is over. So please come down and stay until things calm down. I know that every single egyptian will do the same for you. Just go to Amman and from there to Cairo.

If you’re not Arab and/or not in the region to offer up your spare room to house a fleeing family, there are other ways of helping the Lebanese:

Donate online to the Canadian Red Cross in Lebanon.

Donate online to the British Red Cross

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