Galloway: Genocide Apologist

On Friday (8.30pm), George Galloway MP appeared on a live phone-in discussion on BanglaTV (Sky Channel 781), which had been convened to discuss the “removal” of Delwar Hossein Sayeedi from Britain the previous week. Now whether Sayeedi was kicked out of the UK with the help of ‘Home Office intervention’ or he skedaddled out of Heathrow on his own accord (which is more probable), the news of his departure has been heavily dicussed in the UK Bangladeshi community.

On the panel of the BanglaTV show were a Bangladeshi journalist, a representative fom the MCB, both of whom were quisling supporters of Sayeedi. The third member was a Labour Party MP and fourth, George Galloway. GG was the only non-Bangladeshi on the show, and all of the footage that was shown on Sayeedi that came up for discussion was in Bangla. The film footage was of Sayeedi blasting forth but it was his tame stuff (only a few veiled threats aimed at journalists). BanglaTV wisely decided not to broadcast any of Sayeedi’s more bellicose material in which he calls for the blood of Hindu minorities or the for the slaughter of the Ahmadiyyas or making explicit death threats at journalists or calling for further terrorist attacks on London.

In the course of the TV discussion, Galloway went on to harangue and threaten the Labour Party representative with legal action, conflated issues from Iraq, Pakistan and Lebanon into a single one-size-fits-all super-issue that he urged all Muslims to get “worried about”. Galloway then defended Sayeedi on the pretext that to be “Parliamentarian” is qualification enough to be made welcome to the UK, referring to Sayeedi’s status as Jamaati MP (18/300 seats).

After seeing Galloway expose his uglier side as a boorish bully on Celebrity Big Brother last year, where he proceeded to have an Integrity-Bypass for the entertainment of the British public, none of this performance was anything new. I wasn’t even that surprised to see him press all the right buttons by claiming Muslims are part of a worldwide persecuted massive. Exactly the kind of un-nuanced sentimentalism that starts tears gushing forth in his Tower Hamlets vote-bank, and well he knows it.

It didn’t take much for Galloway to demonstrate a disgraceful readiness to come to Delwar Hossein Sayeedi’s defence. By conflating the idea that all Muslims are victims of one form or another, Galloway confers victim status to a vile religious supremacist like Sayeedi, a War Criminal implicated with involvement in genocide. Sayeedi is guilty under any law, secular or Islamic and he’s certainly no victim.

And I for one am not willing to allow him clemency simply because he hides under the cloak of “Islamic Victimhood” with the help of George Galloway.

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  1. leon Says:

    Slight correction, GG was on BB at the beginning of this year not last year.;)

  2. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Oh yes how time flies. How can I forget watching a televised RESPECT PARTY press conference when a senior member, an orthodox Muslim (beard, topi etc), insisted he saw nothing wrong with having the party leader of RESPECT (Galloway) appear on Big Brother. Meanwhile the party leader was prancing around with a transvestite (Pete Burns) in a red leotard.

    Nice one, maulana sa’ab, but was it halal television? ;-)

  3. funkg Says:

    i think the reason GG sees a plot against Muslims is because i think he may be a ‘revert/convert’ to Islam

  4. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Not all converts to Islam see any such plot. Its more the kind of religious baggage that Muslims have built up for themselves since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the growth of Israel as a geo-political superpower. GG just knows how to exploit this emotion to the max for his own political advantage.

  5. ... Says:

    Mans a menace….

  6. Dinesh Patel Says:

    “i think the reason GG sees a plot against Muslims is because i think he may be a ‘revert/convert’ to Islam ”

    i think so too. He could get more votes that way…
    Some people say religion opens their eyes to what is happening around them, i’m convinced this is the other way round.


    i have a few reasons to believe that gg is a muslim,
    he was married to a palestinian lady i believe from the arafat family but in anycase she would not be allowed to marry him had he not converted.
    secondly on a recent radio show a journalist had spoken to young muslims in ggs own area of London and they were without doubt that he was a muslim.
    when i asked him on air he refused to reply properly saying it was a private matter yet within the week on the same station he ridiculed blair and bush over their religions.
    he also said he’d track the programme where this was stated i emailed him the show but he did no more about it.
    he works for the same radio station, he is just a very dangerous hate preaching muslim nothing new in that.
    he can used big words but he knows so very little in reality and shouts people down that know more.
    threatens with suing everyone but not the guy that does hang galloway blog. too close to the truth eh georgie boy saddo?

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