Hizbut Tahrir in Bangladesh

If you’re Hizbut and you know it, clap your hands.

Remember when Hizbut Tahrir changed its name-tag to Stop Islamophobia last October? They did so in order to continue their activities on the grounds of University of London (UCL), SOAS and Luton University, where previously they’d been banned.

It looks like they are doing the same in universties in Bangladesh where I hear they have a vibrant ‘friends circle’. Please say hello to Liberated Youth.

264 Responses to “Hizbut Tahrir in Bangladesh”

  1. Shiraz Maher Says:

    HT are growing in influence in Bangladesh - they have had huge demonstrations in Dhaka recently.

    http://www.khilafat.org is their Bangla website

  2. sonia Says:

    what on earth are they trying to achieve? and what’s the link between the jamaat e islami?

  3. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Thanks for the link Shiraz.

    Sonia, they are trying to do what they do anywhere - run around espousing the silly and untenable idea of establishing an “Islamic State” on an pre-established nation state. They’re a joke in the UK but in Bangladesh their ideas can be quite attractive for the disenfranchised ex-madrasa types who flock to the cities for work - and harbour a lot of resentment towards a political system that has failed them. In fact, the political system in Bangladesh is dysfunctional and can be said to have failed the entire population, but that’s another story.

    Romanticised HuT bullshit is also attractive to young urban private university students.

    But HuT are still Johnny come lately’s and I’m not sure to what extent they’re seriously considered by the Jamaati old guard.

  4. zafar Says:

    dear arthur,
    u said, “…attractive for the disenfranchised ex-madrasa types who flock to the cities for work - …”

    how many HT members do u know? i saw almost all of them from high class family. HT started its campaign from NSU which is certainly not a place for “…ex-madrasa types who flock to the cities for work - “.

    and after all HT guys r doing something. what r u doing???

  5. Sid H Arthur Says:

    zafar, if you read my post and my comments, I wrote that HT are active in universities. But pseudo-revolutionary messages will always be more attractive to disgruntled young men who fail to find suitable jobs in the cities.

    Personally I have more compassion for those kind of people than the angry young men of the “high class family” variety at the NSU who decide to follow HT.

    what r u doing???
    What am I doing? I am trying to expose HT for what it is: a silly experiment that, unfortunately, has potential to be quite dangerous, in particular, for a secular, pluralist Bangladesh. In other words, I am fighting religious supremacism.

  6. sonia Says:

    yeah i guess what i mean is that i was asking about how their efforts are doing in bangladesh in terms of ‘rivalry’ with jamaat, or are there attempts at collaboration etc. ( and i get what you’re saying about the situation in bangladesh)given jamaat is technically part of the government etc.

  7. Arif Khan Says:

    Arthur, interestingly, just about “all” HT members in BD come from a high educational background. majority of them are from middle and upper middle class families and many of their workers are actually teachers, engineers, doctors and bankers. In fact they now seem to have a larger following in the banking community. The banking community as you might know is the most comfortable one in BD. HT’s movement is very much on political realitivism as they not only question the despotism of rulers in BD but also in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan. Your analogy of ex madrassa type and disenfranchised people being HT supporters are hardly comparable to the reality on the ground. You will notice in them a high intellectual understanding of western philosophy, western political thought and economic systems in addition to their depth in Islamic political methodology.
    But I ask you, why are you fighting only “religious” supremacy? why not “supremacy” in general, including religious, political, social and economical supremacy? Surely what is “good” must be universal..

  8. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Arif Khan, take a look at the Bangladesh HT website that Shiraz Maher posted at the top of this thread, which shows the last demo HT did in Dhaka. Do those people look like comfortable bankers to you?

    If HT in Bangladesh comprised of comfortable bankers exclusively, there would be no reason for alarm. ;-)

  9. Arif Khan Says:

    You judge political parties by their ideology and political thought. Having an Islamic ideology is not a disqualification to be a professional banker. Therefore u may have bankers having Islamic political philosophy that challenges the status quo…nothing wrong with that right?

  10. Sid H Arthur Says:

    Bankers are conservative by nature and it goes with their territory. Being linked to a political organisation which is currently banned in the UK is a career decision that Muslim bankers may want to consider carefully.

    But that’s a by the by. I’m less worried about bankers who join HT than the kind of people who come to cities looking for work and have to struggle against a set of cards that are stacked against them.

  11. Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying » Meet The Enemy Says:

    […] [As a footnote, if you want to get a small taste of how easily Hizb ut-Tahrir is able to appeal to the young people in countries like Bangladesh, read the comments attached to this post about Hizb ut-Tahrir from a Bangladeshi blogger based in London.] […]

  12. yayati Says:

    HT is slightly crackpot.

    I think as people mature and find out what life is really about; they will get out of that dogmatic train of thought that they get placed in when they become members.

  13. Salam Dhaka Says:

    You guys might find this site interesting:


    Why HT members among bankers? Because many of the HT members from private universities study BBA or MBA. So they end up as bankers.

    HT came to Bangladesh through Dhaka University’s Institute of Business Admin so there is always this link to people in the world of finance.

  14. razon Says:

    these posts are quite amusing.. :D

    to the supportes of HT i hav an advice: - don’t waste your time arguin wit thos hu don bliv in da Holy Book (btw its the Quran).thez ppl only think that sm whr there exists a God and that God is less smarter then him so he has to figure things out for hmself rather surrendering to the constitution…

    to all the NON-supporters :
    “life might be more than wot u c”

    to me : “i wont take a chance… i ll do it gods way”

    to the nutrals: if u want to b influenced get influenced by smone superior..:D:D

  15. razon Says:

    guys who are against hizb-ut tahrir(and claims to b muslim :P).. please point out the reasons why u don c it as an islamic grp?— hope the question was not too tricky??;)

  16. Arefin Says:

    Very amusing indeed:D:D. People who are opposing HT here DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT it. HT introduces its ideas to people through debates and arguments, and the fact that most people in HT have good educational backgrounds, proves this point. Ht does not operate by exploiting people’s emotions and weaknesses, in that case, it would have consisted of ex-drug addicts and criminals, who want to atone for what they have done. The fact that it is made up of bright intelligent youths from various Universities, shows what its all about. If you want to know more, just visit their BD website, http://www.khilafat.org, instead of listening to some ignorant and uninformed people here who have nothing better to do other than to critize something using silly logics and fake informations.

  17. Mitu Says:

    “But pseudo-revolutionary messages will always be more attractive to disgruntled young men who fail to find suitable jobs in the cities.”
    “They’re a joke in the UK but in Bangladesh their ideas can be quite attractive for the disenfranchised ex-madrasa types who flock to the cities for work “… this type of block headed comments come only from those who really donno what’s really going on and it only consolidate western interest. SO.. PEOPLE… BEWARE OF THE UNPAID BROKERS OF WEST.

  18. Sid H Arthur Says:


    Seriously Mitu, you must stop this silly sloganeering and tell us what you think is “block headed” about those two sentences.

  19. Mitu Says:

    Dear arthur,
    I don’t know what hell is going on in UK with HuT but what u said regarding HuT in Bangladesh is absolutely false and ur comments only indiacte that u know nothing about it, u made these type of comment only becoz u hate them ( I donno no the reason). But my experience sharply contradicts that what u said about them in Bangladesh. some of my classmates who are really geneous in terms of any usual criteria have recently been engaged with HuT. Two of them managed real good jobs and still working with HuT, one of them simple reject a job offer( any BBA or MBA holder with top CGPA yearns for this type of job) as becoz he wudn’t give enough time for his party work. I found them serious and none of them match with your given criteria. so ur comments annoyed me a lot. I guess, u don’t like them as they call for islam, like many others u r influenced by media propaganda. Anyway, u can hold different opinion and can debate and discuss. But u shouldn’t start the discussion with some presumtions which u haven’t justified. Sorry if i hurt u anyway. I have nothing to do with both of u and HuT but ur comments which I found very much wrong, annoyed me so I had to say something about it…and one more request to u please don’t make any judgement with an instant hunch.

  20. Sid H Arthur Says:


    I’ve known the HuT since the early 90s, so my ideas about them are certainly not an ‘instant hunch’. They have split into 3 or 4 splinter groups here in the UK, with varying degrees of extreme radicalisation. I also know the members who have gone to Bangladesh to spread this HuT horseshit.

    The former head of HuT, Umar Bakri Muhammad, vocally supported the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and 7/7 in the UK. He applauded the 9/11 terrorists, and supported the killing of 52 innocent men and women in London. The man has espoused a set of ideas wrapped around his own personal prejudices which are anti-semitic, anti-democratic and racist - which has nothing to do with Islam. Umar Bakri is a disgusting, immoral leech of a man who is responsible for radicalising large numbers of young Muslim men and women. He was a Syrian immigrant now living in Beirut, who lived off UK state benefits which fed, housed and schooled his children, whilst advocating the destruction of that very state he hated.

    HuT are proto-facist in their attitudes towards non-Muslims and Muslims who do not agree with their stupid, unworkable ideas. In other words they are clear cut religious supremacists. HuT still exists but has not managed to shake off any of these ideas from their core philosophy and I won’t be surprised that they still foment these ideas.

    If you want to join and defend the ideas of the HuT - go ahead, no one is going to stop you. But if you think that progressive Bangladeshis should quietly stand by while HuT grow their 3rd-rate, cut-down, pseudo-Islam in Bangladesh, you are mistaken.

    Keep well brother. ;-)

  21. Mitu Says:

    I told u I donno about HuT in UK and so didn’t tell u nething about that and also have nothing to do with them here or there. But what u said about them in bd is absolutely false and your comments about them in bd only indicates that u donno nething about them here in bd. If all that u have said are true than surely i can’t support them but problem is how can I beliv u. Your attitude towards them is strongly negetive (ur language shows that) so u can’t take them positively and media propaganda surely helps u in this regard. I can’t verify ur comments regarding UK but I can verify ur comments about them in bd here and I have found u here false and not only false also found ur serious anger have made u foisted some wrong notions about them. U told that u know the guys who came to bd for their work but u didn’t tell any thing about them whereas u told about their formar leader of whom , I guess u know only thru media. Neway my point is ur ideas about them here in bd are not correct and.. thats it.

  22. Youth Says:

    We sudn’t make oursaleves as ordinary progressive Bangladeshi. Now in Bangladesh some people use the word Progressive to spread hatred towards islam and every kind of islamic movement and establish western and pro western ideas. All of our “progotishil budhhijibi” are now simply doing dalali of west or India and they use these terms to keep people away from their real intention. If u really want a progressive Bangladesh than firstly start discussion seriously and in this point I agree with Mitu to exclude all types of presumtions. Dear Arthur, calling for islam and islamic state is inhibitory to be a progressive Bangladeshi…how do u know? yes u cud know coz of media onslaught against islam but whats ur own reasoning in this regard? U cud know HT from 90 but I doubt u still don’t know what their ’stupid & unworkable’ idaes raelly are. Bcoz what u tried to teach Mitu from ur vast experiences are hardly indicateable of HT’s ideas. And u described the activities of a person who is not with HT and heading another organization. He was with HT and after disagreement with HT’s methodology was excluded from HT. All that u said may be true for that person and its also true that he is not with HT and he was dismissed from HT bcoz of his typical thinking that u mentioned. Like some other media hypnotized people u also harbour hatred against an islamic movement as bcoz u don’t agree with their ideas and it makes u pro facist towards them and u showed the reason that one person who was once involved with them now hold extremeits thinking…..really funny. Bush or Blair still doing state terrorism and killing thousands of innocnet people while at the same time leading their nations but u guys don’t show any anger towards them. If u think HT’s idea don’t suit real islam than ok fine, u start work for real islam and call for it if u really concern for islam. There are thousands of media, organizations, who are doing the same as u are doing and it only benefits the west, not help even a bit to stablish real islam.

  23. West's CHamCHa Says:



    Arthur its not for you, it’s a general advice that worths’ reminding.

    HT OPENLY condemns suicide bombing,
    HT OPENLY condemns the false calls of Zihad that.
    HT organizes OPEN seminars and OPEN discussion.

    Dear Arthur,U said HT is banned in UK.. I wanna ask u who the hell is UK(othr then being your boss)?
    they are killing thousands in Iraqi just for oil.the world nevr saw a single WMD there.how com u expect UK to be fair.

    I don’t wanna tok much on this issue.. this thread starts with a lie and may be it ll end with one.ppl who r speading these lies r only victims of false propagation… and their victimizing othr in the same way

    “those unpaid ones r not oways unpaid”

    your most obedient
    tomader shobar pochonder
    West er chamoch

  24. sid arthur Says:

    Hi Chamoch

    I can tell from the intelligibility of your post that you are the head of HT in Bangladesh. ;-)

    Did you know that it is possible to be anti-Iraqi Occupation and anti-Imperialist without being a supporter of the Hizbut Tahrir? Stick around here, keep reading this blog and/or read my earlier excellent posts on the matter.

    Let me ask you something. Most of the 600,000+ deaths in Iraq in the last 3 years has been committed by Sunni Muslim terrorism against Iraqi citizens, almost all of whom are Muslim. Why are you not getting so angry about that?

  25. Arefin Says:

    My requests to all those who want to critisize HT, FIRST KNOW ABOUT ITS METHODOLOGY AND THEN SAY WHATEVER U WANT TO. Knowing about HT from the 90s wont help if u dont understand wut its all about, which u dont, as can be seen from your reply, Mitu. So my message to the supporters of HT: visit their site, download their material and jugde for yourself, instead of listening to narrow minded biased ppl. The fact that Mitu is refering to an ex-member who could not agree with the party’s methodology shows how desperate certain ppl r to prove HT wrong.

  26. Sid H Arthur Says:


    You’ve registered your email address as:

    die israel?

    This is why you are a representative member of Hizbut Tahrir and why Hizbut Tahrir are a bunch of hopeless losers.

  27. Razon Says:

    sid arthur said:
    “they are trying to do what they do anywhere - run around espousing the silly and untenable idea of establishing an “Islamic State” on an pre-established nation state.”

    Dear sid,I am a muslim.Therefore,to me, Mohammad Sw’s ideas don’t seem as silly as they might to you.The ideology(islam) that you r calling “horseshit” is my key to paradise.Hizb-ut Tahrir is just a name.the core of it is ture islam.

    in one of your posts you said -
    “Arif Khan, take a look at the Bangladesh HT website that Shiraz Maher posted at the top of this thread, which shows the last demo HT did in Dhaka. Do those people look like comfortable bankers to you?”

    sid..what is worng with you man.What is wrong if these people aren’t comfortable bankers.They attended the demo to say something against the oppression. Farmers,Rikshawpullers,public university students and all those with low income are the victims of opressions and when they come to say smthing against it people like you starts talking about there dress up.I think this is much more silly than HT’s ideology.

    Now lets come to the most pathetic part of this thread. Everyone reading this thread might think that Sid is a bloody liar.We heard frm Mitu who is not an active HT but has seen HT members closely.We hav heard frm Arefin,and Youth and others.Every single thing Sid said about HT contradicts with truth.But I guess it isn’t his fault.may be he is just a victim.I truly believe that Sid is not a person who cannot handle the truth once he knows it.

    Sid said -
    Did you know that it is possible to be anti-Iraqi Occupation and anti-Imperialist without being a supporter of the Hizbut Tahrir?

    well… i do agree that it is possible to be anti-Imperialist without being a HT supporter.But your idea of anti-Iraqi Occupation sounds like advanced Anti-Fu***ng condom to me. :D :D :D

    n e way… if you hav any confusion abt HT specifically point them out.u WILL hav your answers.

    thanks mitu for your - “BEWARE OF THE UNPAID BROKERS OF WEST.” I was looking for an interesting topic to write on… you just gave me one.

  28. Sid H Arthur Says:


    You seemed to have completely misunderstood the points made by myself and the general direction taken by this thread.

    This is not surprising since you have misunderstood the meaning of Hizbut Tahrir. Islam is a noble, peaceful religion. Hizbut Tahrir, however, is an ugly modernist misinterpretation of Middle Easten geo-politics which plagiarises fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) to give itself credibility. Hizbut Tahrir tells you that the first and foremost act is to establish an Islamic state. Nowhere in the Quran and Sunnah will you see that any such thing. HT makes it fard (foroj) - mandatory. This is bid’ah (innovation) not to mention shi’rk (idolatry).

    Have fun with it. Because if you’re going to waste your time and energy on HT horseshit, you might as well enjoy it. If I were you, I’d enjoy my youth, girls and paaaa-ray!


  29. Razon Says:

    “If I were you, I’d enjoy my youth, girls and paaaa-ray!” - King Arthur 1455

    there is something seriously wrong with your education.
    well..I will do all those things once I ensure food,pure drinking water and energy for evreyone of my state,job to every youth,education for children,smile in every farmers face.

    After that if I still have my youth,i’ll try to enjoy and have girls and paaa-ray!

    implementaion of islam in every aspect of life is farz.it can be a state or a bedroom.

    Anyway bro.. probably it will be my last post.Can i ask you sth..Are you into music?underground-mix aakta bhalo album bair hoise.Artcel er number ta joss.New movie gular modhdhe ‘Departed’ joss…Jack Niklsn ja dekhaise man..EPL e chelsea last match harse tottenham er sathe :( …by the way.. Dhakay aakta notun tatto parlour khulse.. lets talk on these type of topics, I don’t think you are old enough to talk about things like ideology or politics.[by the way,i m 21 :P]

    if you have anything constructive other than your trademark lies you shud continue posting in this thread,otherwise it might turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life.We don’t want you to live the rest of your life with low self esteem.

    Allah Hafeez

  30. Youth Says:


    “If I were you, I’d enjoy my youth, girls and paaaa-ray!” this is the real reason for Arthur for his hatred against HT. When most of the people of the world are under oppression than Arthur like to enjoy their youth with girls…etc. HT oppose this culture and thats why Arthurs like people can’t tolerate them but they haven’t enough courage to tell this directly and try to make some vague reasons (with lies). So the reasons behind Arthurs anger is clear and I agree with Razon…not everybody is mature enough to discuss this issues…let them be busy with their real horseshit.

  31. Sid H Arthur Says:

    not everybody is mature enough to discuss this issues…let them be busy with their real horseshit.

    Glad to see we’ve arrived at a mutual consensus.

  32. Youth Says:

    Dear Sid H Arthur,

    Thats really good. Hope for the best for u…
    Stay well bondhu…

  33. mahi Says:

    dnt say bout anything that u dnt kno.first attened the discussions and then comment.i am though not engaged into these groups bit stil i wud lyk 2 say dat it is an xtrmist grup.i mean dnt dare to say. what is da condition od bangladesh??? hav 2 seen?? if poss cum 2 dhanmondi and if u live in dhanmondi then u kno wats its condition.

    go to cafe mango… see wat our youth r doin..gals sittin wid their big collar oftheir dress and showin things which r her only weath…her reason of respect…honour..and bla..bla..bla..
    sittin side by side wid a boy…not side,if poss she wud sit in his lap.

    boys wearing pants showing their underwear… just a little bit down ann da penis is seen.,…. wat kind of jahelia is this??

    do u hav a sis? wat wud u do if she is engaged in such activitis??will u bcum a father or a mother in ur lyf?? wat 2 do if ur daughter is lyk dat??

    just think bro and sis, wat is the consequences of the free mixin of youth now a days.i dnt say its bad but luk at da consequences….rape…date rape… one nite stand…. party( i dnt say stop it but….excess is not gud), anything excess is not gud…the result of these r worst…lyf of ppl gets destroyed…

    hav u evr thought wat r u gettin closer to?????? FIRE>….
    the ultimate consequences of these is HELL….which Allah has made for givin punishments to those who do soo……..

    wud u evr giv ur hand in a stove fire.when u kno it wud burn u…………………then y r u doin these thngs…wud u jump into a cave full of boiling lava….butnow u r jumpin……..

    ok i suppose that u r rite…………………….

    so watevr u r doin now is dat gud… sunk in wine bottles.take drug.smoke..none of the boyz or gals r VIRGIN… so wat contribution r u doin 2 da society…

    still LY OR HT hav guts to protest about all these.rather they say u 2 stop all these nonsense
    they cal u for gud.

    if u r a muslim it is ur responsibility 2 establish khilafat, or else Allah wud ask u,wat hav u done??when u were nided,to establish ma rule in da wrld

    wat wud b ur ans???? start thinkin now

    cuz it can b ur day tomorrow.tym is short.make ur answers, b4 its 2 late
    think bro and sis..think,,, wat r u doin??

    ask ur self wat r u doin.plz

    anything more contact me

  34. zafar Says:

    why stopped mr. arthur???

  35. EMON Says:


  36. mahin Says:

    Salam All.

    Lotta ppl can bullshit alot! nd they(who r commenting) dun knw abt Islam & its Glorious History and how our Prophet(SAW) carried Islam.

    Wat Lib. Youth is doing……On THe Way 2 Rock D Boat 2 please ALLAH (SWT) & implement HIS rulings all over d world(we HAD it till 1924 b4 it collapsed)!

    Doz ppl dun want Islam as THE ONLY way of life to be implemented r talkin abt democracy,secularism & so on.

    now I would like 2 go 4 an Open CHALLENGE 2 ne1:
    Can any1 show with evidence what Lib.Youth is doing dat goes against ISLAM & not the way of Prophet(saw)?
    U’l find lotta Imamas & Islamic Scholars who dun knw answers or solutions of problems daz happening according to Islam! but Lib. Youth and its seniors or scholars DO!(Alhamdulillah)
    MayBe some of the erudite Muslims & scholars do have answers but they do fear 2xpress due to Kufar!

    I’l say few imp. thngs 2 evri1:
    1. Lib. Youth is working all over d world & its much stronger in western world than muslim world(being an oversea student in west…,i can guarantee u) & it was born in 1952 wid some contemporary great Islamic Scholars.

    2. Its aim is to re-unify the ummah & implement Khilafah(Islamic Rulings) dat we had for 1400 years!

    3. It calls for ISLAM not 2 join in its team physically & doing nothing for ISLAM.

    4. U’l find lotta movements calling for Khlilafah…Lib.Youth & 1or2 odar grp’s naming is just different but Method & Strategy is same.Simple Analogy :…..1 prson wana buil a home nd dun have necessary tools…then its dreaming rather than implementing…And his friend is serious about building a home and have necessary tools and d way2 build it….dis is Lib.Youth Brothers! If ALLAH gives us victory its scholars have al d equipmebts to run not onli Bangladesh but d whole Muslim Ummah on the spot immediately!

    5. PLZ BROZ look@ the world map of 1800’s or b4 1924 thn u’l c 1 state 1 Ummah widout ne border.u r talkin abt Bd,India,Pak born—dis was our muslims fault,lack of islamic knowledge & west/kufar conspiracy which was & is obvious till these dayz! Yes those who were criminals wil b punished under Islamic laws dat i can assure u all.


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