Beyond Any Realm of Acceptability

I’m concious of how the Lebanon war has rendered me speechless. I’ve nothing to say, resigned in glum silence to endure sitting  through this intractable and entrenched nationalist/ethnic tragedy play itself out.

Naturally the first word on the Lebanese POV goes to a Lebanese blogger at Lebanese Political Journal:

To Everyone Who Thinks Israel’s Campaign is Just Fine and Dandy is a blog post worth reading. He concludes:

On the bright side, it might have accomplished two very difficult things. Disarming Hezbollah, you say? Nope.

1. Truly uniting Lebanese. We were close before. Now, it seems we are even closer. Prime Minister Saniora is now a national hero, and will hopefully now have the support he needs to govern.

2. Racist Lebanese have stopped hating the Syrian people with all their hearts and souls. We still hate their political system, but before this Syrian workers had been murdered for the crime of their nationality. We know they didn’t elect their government.
I still don’t hate the Israeli people. But there is no way I’ll ever be able to trust Israel, and there is no way I’ll ever be able to feel comfortable with all of the rightwing, massacre apologists who pompously spout rhetoric at suffering people.

Yes, we’re familiar with the views of their British equivalents.

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60 Responses to “Beyond Any Realm of Acceptability”

  1. leon Says:

    Your first paragraph sums up my continued experience of this conflict…

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