21st Century Victims

Thanks for keeping the seat warm for me whilst I’ve been gone. I’ve been busy with the garden (but its still looking like an unkempt mess), hanging out with my daughter (age 2), listening to loads of excellent new music, reading loads of books and smoking lots of the “old holborn”. Generally being rather introspective and ruminative. Especially as it was the weekend after the first annivesary of the London bombings.

Of the many ideas I’ve been grappling with is identity politics; and in particular, my own and considering the quantitative impact of mass-media attention and how it forges global consensual Muslim opinion. We know the fact that Muslims are dying in their hundreds in Iraq but in relative terms, Iraqi issues also receives more syndicated media coverage than any other Muslim hot-spot. This is nothing new, any issue that has US involvement will. Converseley, in Bangladesh, where this writer comes from, thousands more people are dying from preventable diseases or needlessly as victims of cynical corporate negligence, or by the murderous oppression of their own government. And yet international media doesn’t bat an eyelid.

So, as a Bangladeshi living in the comfortable West, do I align my political compass to the plight of Muslims in Iraq/Palestine/Chenchnya or use my time to work with a group of Bangladeshis and actually be part of force for change?

One of the things that Muslims need to come to terms with is the sense of victimhood that informs the political component of Muslim self-perception. There is very little international Muslim-on-Muslim violence that invokes the same sense of outrage amongst Muslims that Western oppression engenders. The last time this happened was, possibly, in Bangladesh. This was when the country, for many decades, spurred on by the genocide inflicted on it by its Pakistani “brothers”, embarked on a re-evaluation of it’s national Muslim identity. This recoil from knee-jerk Muslim identity-politics went on to influence the arts and culture of the nascent country and vice versa. Unfortunately, that period seems to have passed as we see the electorate allow Islamic politics to frame its political discourse. Hopefully, and I mean this most sincerely, this is a passing phase.

So, I was quite receptive to another writer’s thoughtful piece on the same phenomena. This was David T on CiF:

The notion of Muslim victimhood is difficult to engage with: because it has an amoeba-like quality. It does not require British involvement in foreign wars in order to take hold. British Muslim students in the 1990s were radicalised with images of suffering in Bosnia, Chechenya and Palestine. It is insensitive to the suffering of Muslims at the hands of other Muslims: as Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan have shown. In that sense, it dovetails nicely with the idiot “anti-imperialist” discourse of the left, and is reinforced by demagogic and self-serving politicians and by hysterical newspapers. And unlike the Troubles in Ireland, it will not end with the cessation of hostilities in a particular conflict: but will shift its focus from one grievance to another.

199 Responses to “21st Century Victims”

  1. Dinesh Patel Says:

    I find it strange that many pakistani men in the UK seem to despise this goverment so much. Many muslims claim Islamphobia for anything that doesn’t seem to go their way.

    But if this country is so anti-muslim, why do many youths marry their cousins in Pakistan and then bring them here to start a family.
    Why would you want to start a family in such an unislamic country?

  2. sonia Says:

    Iran-Iraq war
    Iraq invaded Kuwait

    Muslim on Muslim violence. Of course, it all depends on how the media frame things. when i went to live in dhaka after the iraqi invasion, people kept referring to the situation as one of the west/allies vs. iraq - that’s how some people saw it. they made it into a ‘muslim’ thing. of course they didn’t seem to care about how outrageous it was to say that to me who’d just come out of the conflict. it would be interesting for them to face a fellow ‘muslim’ sitting with their tank pointed at you, their guns pointed at your window..of course..they didn’t experience it..what did they know? oh mister don’t shoot me, i’m a muslim like you..oh..right..like that makes a real difference in the heat of war.

  3. sonia Says:

    the concept of ‘Muslim’ victimhood is difficult to engage with because it requires only caring for one’s ‘own’ set or what is perceived anyway as one’s own set. Not empathy and caring which is indiscriminate of a ‘victim’s’ race. colour, creed. religion, political affiliation, whatever. Because otherwise - it would just be ‘human’ suffering - not Muslim suffering. i don’t give a shit if its muslims dying somewhere - it ought not to make a difference who is dying.

    Obviously as you point out it gets complicated and wrapped up with people’s group identity and self-perception within that - but the bottom line is it’s damaging to a concept of global, universal equal human rights if people think their own group has some ‘more’ right to peace/non-victimhood than some other group somewhere. it’s not about not focusing on local issues ..but acknowledgement that it isn’t any different really, but that you’re able to make more of a difference by caring about what’s around you. Otherwise it doesn’t really come across as an ‘uninterested force for good’ , but an expression of self-interest. To

  4. sonia Says:

    And precisely why it’s hard for ‘others’ to engage with such a display of look look at us, we’re oppressed. why should they care? Any more than the people shouting care about ‘other’ people..

  5. Dinesh Patel Says:

    “And precisely why it’s hard for ‘others’ to engage with such a display of look look at us, we’re oppressed. why should they care? Any more than the people shouting care about ‘other’ people”

    good point.

    Do think Islamic charities are also guilty of this?
    Many people say they only help Muslim people, whereas other religious charities offer help to whoever needs it more?

  6. sonia Says:

    yes obviously there is a problem with a charity or any cause if it only has a narrow remit - that is partisan work, hardly humanitarian work. in any case i’ve never been impressed with people who do ‘charity work’ or ‘give to charity’ only because they think they’ll get some ‘points in heaven’ and generally they’ve been told to. not exactly ‘kindness’ is it by any stretch of the imagination.

  7. Dinesh Patel Says:

    but they are still saving lives at least. Better to give and save lives for whatever the reason then do nothing.

    my mate was in India once and told me how he met a big group of Christian doctors who took a year off work and travelled around Asia and Africa providing free medical assistance where possible.

    credit where due..?

    Yet, i could never donate to a charity just cause that charity helps only people of certain religion. That is low…. This is the problem with the world, we only seem concerned with a our own, if we spent more time helping others we wouldn’t have such problems.

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