Hindu Temples Demolished in Malaysia

Malaysia is a trully multicultural state and remains a model of peaceful coexistence and cultural and religious pluralism in Asia. So the news of fundamentalist Muslims destroying Hindu temples is deeply upsetting.

Hundreds of worshippers watched in horror as the workers, mostly Muslims, brought down the roof, pushed down the walls and smashed the deities that immigrant Indian workers had brought with them from South India to provide solace in a strange new land.

“We are poor and our only comfort is our temples and now we are losing that also,” Kanagamah said in Tamil, the language spoken by ethnic Indians who form eight percent of Malaysia’s 26 million people and mostly follow Hinduism.

Read full report at IPS.

Svend at Akram’s Razor raises some good insights on the growing (worldwide) upsurge of the cult of literalism:

It’s all part of the climate of anti-intellectualism and cold Procrustean spirituality that is choking Muslims around the world, and even while the baleful influence of Wahhabism and other ideologies declines (i.e., as much of an improvement as it would admittedly be, the solution isn’t simply replacing Wahhabi mutawa with Sufi mutawa-the problem’s the underlying mindset behind the mutawa phenomenon, and not just in Saudi). Knee-jerk literalism and pride take many guises, but they eventually lead to the same place: fitnah.

[fitnah: perdition]

151 Responses to “Hindu Temples Demolished in Malaysia”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I saw that discussion on Svend White’s site before too, very enlightening and quite good….

  2. Sid D H Arthur Says:

    Yes the discussion on this article on Akram’s Razor is great. Shame its so badly formatted. Can’t tell when one comment ends and the next one begins.

  3. Dinesh Patel Says:

    notice how such topics never make it big in the news headlines.
    The media is only interested in muslim suffering.

  4. sonia Says:

    Rubbish. the media is plenty interested in painting pictures of Muslims as terrorists and the principal characters in the War agaisnt Terror - where have you been? or perhaps your analysis is as biased as those Muslims who claim the ‘West’ is against them. Really I can’t see any difference in the sort of attitudes that people have who go around making such proclamations. Lots of people have biased agenda and if you don’t mind my saying so - to me you sound like you’ve more in common with the paranoid muslims than you think.


    i was going to say about the malaysian thing - despite all these claims about being ‘multicultural happily ever after’ one always hears about Malaysia, the reality is much more gritty, and has been. the chinese say the indians drink too much and cause trouble, the indians and chinese say they don’t like the Malays because they’re ‘indigenous’ and apparently have more rights and don’t work so hard and get benefits and what have you, and the Malays say they don’t mind but they don’t like the other two groups much themselves. so much racism flying about it..

  5. tjwork Says:

    Guys, this threat is real. Im from Malaysia 7 I saw these things happen.

    They demolish 1 Temple in 3 Weeks. Thats no more temples next year.

    You have never seen the sight of a temple being demolished. Its not about rascim, ite about Islamic hatred towords others.

    You will see muslims spitting on the holy statues, kicking them & treating the worshippers like criminals.

    You guys live in a nice neighbourhood while we live in a place that islam prevails.

    Ask any malaysian if a Temple has construction type fences or if they are visible, the goverment will put a huge bill board to cover the presense of the temple. Only a few survive this because of their wealth.

    First Malaysia, soon India.

  6. Dinesh Patel Says:

    “Ask any malaysian if a Temple has construction type fences or if they are visible, the goverment will put a huge bill board to cover the presense of the temple. Only a few survive this because of their wealth.

    First Malaysia, soon India”

    India hit by terrorism today. Happened sooner then you thought.

  7. ur dad Says:

    fuck malaysia…motherfuckers

  8. Dinesh Patel Says:

    “Rubbish. the media is plenty interested in painting pictures of Muslims as terrorists and the principal characters in the War agaisnt Terror - where have you been? ”

    not in England. Maybe where you are. Don’t judge all countries the same. The media here won’t even call them muslim. The head of the police force here said Islam and terrorism should not even be used in the same sentence. The BBC runs regular shows and reports on Islam, just check its website today (for example) and see for yourself.

    If your read a tabloid newspaper you will get the results you are looking for.

  9. fussypot Says:

    As I read the comments thru, it’s interesting that each party is calling the other bias when it’s so obvious that every one commenting is bias in one way or the other. I think deep (I mean real deep) understanding of Historical developments within communities is a must before a superficial…appreciation of the happenings can be commented upon. Let me explain.

    The issue of demobilizing temples is often a tricky issue and very often is blown out of proportion. In Malaysian, Hindus who are very peaceful and pious are found of creating temples in vacant lands near their vicinity.

    Generally politicians and NGO’s cannot do much, when these temple’s are torn down because under land laws, the land does not belong to the person using the land but belong s to the party who has registered his ownership in the Land Office. In this case generally the temples are built on lands that belong to large corporate who will later convert these lands into property market.

    In simple terms the heading “Officers demolish Temple” may look like its an unfair country but if one knows the law and the conditions in which it was done, I believe it will never be a racial or religious issue but rather a matter of land law.

    Of course there are instances of actual racisms and religious intorelence , which I believe is minimal. If we look at everything in the racist way, then even giving a hamper to a flood victim can be seen as an act of racism just because the victim happen to by an Indian, Chinese or Malay.

    Religion is personal choice, race is a guide to our forefather who happen to be a women in Africa (by the way if you are confused with the last statement, we are all genetically link back to one mother who lived in Africa)

    Choose not to act for god but chose to act as how god would act.

  10. Hariram Says:

    It is sad that a Hindu temple was demolished in Malaysia. Yes, it is true that each of three major races indulge in racial stereotyping. It is also true that majority of the Indian Malaysians are Tamils (most of Harjian origin) who do not have a knowledge of Sanskrit. It is also true that wayside shrines that grew into Hindu temples were built on land that did not belong to Hindus and were built without any planning approval or authority. The sad fact is that Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) has not done much to educate Tamil Hindus on the need to purchase the land on which those temples were built and to regularise their position by applying for planning approvals. It is also true that the MIC - the Tamil partner in the Govt for the last 50 years - has not been successful in uplifting the Tamils from poverty. It is also true it does not allow north Indians (including Hindu pandits) and Sikhs to join because it is scared they these groups will use their organisational skills to change the leadership. So who do you blame?

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  63. ClassicMan Says:

    Yes, I do think your opinion is righteous. (So do lots of people). Luckily majority of people are intelligent :).

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