Disproportional Representation

Protest PicThe Kalam family were sharp not to attend the protest held outside Forest Green police station on Saturday. Commendably, they also made the sensible move of issuing a statement that urged Muslims to boycott that rally. This is the protest that saw the attendance of some 100 protesters who chanted and waved placards. Amongst them was Mr Anjem Choudary of the radical Muslim groupuscule, al Ghurabaa. Yes, that old ex-Hizbut-Tahrir collection of dead-enders.

The demonstrators, among them the outspoken Islamic figure Anjem Choudary, shouted “British police go to hell” and “Tony Blair murderer”, but the protest was peaceful and there were no arrests.

This is the same Anjem Choudary who took boorish stupidity to a new level live on Newsnight earlier this year in a televised debate on the MoToons. Download the clip, cue to the segment in question (starts from 6.00 from the start of the show) and watch 17 minutes of toe-curlingly bad “community representation”. Watch Anjem as he shows how he doesn’t know the meaning of debate, watch him talk over through and over other panellists, insults them, calls Tariq Ramadan a hypocrite and shouts at Jeremy Paxman (Newsnight anchor) for having an unveiled Muslim woman representing Muslims(!). All this is done with maximum hostility and offence to everyone in the room because Mr Anjem must have us know that he and his paranoid worldview represent the “superiority” of Islam.

Anjem ChoudaryAnjem believes in conspiracy theories. We know that from the material on his website. What would he think of a conspiracy theory that demosntrated that the ‘Government’ and the ‘Media’ were in cahoots to ensure that whenever a ‘Muslim’ story flares up in the news a loud-mouthed, argumentative village idiot with a genius for magically showing up on all radio and TV chat shows becomes the representative of Muslims. A brilliant ploy that will ensure that proper sensible debate between other Muslims doesn’t have a hope in hell of being heard because of the principle of the “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. It ensures that the loudest, most hostile, and most antagonistic whinger (apologies to whingers everywhere) is seen to be the face of a community that thinks and moves with a hive mentality. That’s a conspiracy theory Mr Choudary should consider posting on his site.

If you’re not Anjem, you should ask yourself a question: How does this buffoon gets all the best time slots? hmmm…

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