Don’t Get Mad, Cooperate

Following the dawn anti-terror raids in Forest Gate on Friday, officials have admitted doubts of finding any evidence of a chemical plot. Official statements are now frankly admitting that a single peice of “specific information” from a single police informant precipitated the action of the 250-strong anti-terrorist police squad.

From BlInk:

Senior counter-terrorism officials now believe that the ‘specific intelligence’ was wrong as intense search of the house in Forest Gate, East London failed to produce any sort of a link between the two men arrested and a chemical plot on Britain.

It has also emerged that the man who had passed the ‘specific information’ that led to a man being shot was a police informant.

Abul Koyair The two brothers Mohammed Abdul Kahar (23) and Abul Koyair (20) have now been detained till Saturday afternoon at Paddington Green. An application by the police to extend this to Wednesday was not granted, for which they are said to be “relieved”.

The raid, judging from reports was an exercise in shock and awe. This from BlInk again:

During the raid, a family who lives next door to the brothers alleged that they were also arrested and assaulted leaving one man with a head injury and needing hospital treatment.

Neighbours describe how a younger brother in the family was arrested and ‘dragged down the road, put down on the pavement and then plastic sheets were put on him and he was put into white overalls’. Others claimed that even the grandmother of the family was led from the home in handcuffs.

Some serious questions now hang over this affair like a bad smell. Not least of all, the quality of the “specific information” the police saw fit to justify this action. Tony Blair has paid his “101%” support to the police and MI5 in the way of Priminesterial Neutradol.

The statements via the legal represenation of the two arrested sounds upbeat and cooperative. I hope the Muslim community take a page from their book and tone it down as well. There is going to be the “backlash” inevitably, and we can be sure to expect the feeding frenzy of grievance and victimhood from the usual quarters. Although some of the anger is genuine and even justified.

I would appeal to British Muslims not to let resentment flair up by using this event to alienate themselves. In other words Muslims should reject foolhardy advice proffered by national and “community” politicians. Advice such as this rancorous claptrap from Yvonne Ridley of Respect Party:

I don’t think the Muslim community should communicate with the police any more until they start showing some respect to the community.

That’s simply irresponsible. Muslims should do the exact opposite of what Ms Ridley is saying because she is a fool. Don’t get mad, cooperate.

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  2. Muhamad Says:

    Don’t get mad…yeah, you are right about that…don’t get mad, sue the fascist scumbags who use the abusive shock and awe tactics at the taxpayers expense!

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