Here’s one that the Religious Policeman might have blogged about. I haven’t read him much after discovering somewhere that he’s actually a fat white bloke expatriated to Riyadh, or something like that, and thereby killing the joke completely.

Anyway, an imam in Saudi Arabia has been punished for using his laptop when delivering the khutbah (sermon).

A number of Saudi Arabians have questioned a decision by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to take action against an imam who delivered his Friday sermon using his laptop, reported Arab News. The imam brought his laptop to the mosque in Sarat Abidah in Asir province, much to the consternation of the congregation. Some Saudis feel that punishing the imam is unfair as it implies a break with modern technology.

Could have been worse; he could have been using a whiteboard and Powerpoint. One for the Ijtihad series.

87 Responses to “Slaptop”

  1. sonia Says:

    oh the poor thing! those Saudis are a damn mean bunch of people.

  2. Sid D H Arthur Says:

    The best thing about the the blog ‘Religious Policman’ is it’s name. Two words that perfectly describes the Saudi national stereotype of anal-retentive censuriousness. There’s truth to be found in all the national stereotypes if you ask me.

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