Muslims are ‘most deprived minority’

Muslims are the most deprived minority here in the UK, by the Guardian.

Muslims are more likely than other religious minorities to be unemployed and live in poor housing in the most deprived parts of England, research has found.

Half of Muslims aged over 25 are not in the formal labour market, according to the Government-backed study.

Muslims were also particularly vulnerable to long-term illness and poor levels of education, said the researchers from the universities of Derby, Warwick, Birmingham and Oxford.

“Taking the Muslim population as a whole, they face some of the most acute conditions of multiple deprivation,” the report said.

“Muslim people are particularly vulnerable in terms of unemployment, limiting long-term illness, educational levels and housing conditions.”

The academics said Muslim, Sikh and Hindu communities appeared likely to remain concentrated in the same areas.

“There are trends that seem likely to keep ethno-religious communities geographically concentrated,” the study said.

The “dispersal” of these groups is likely to be limited by the desire of families to stay close together, the research said. And many Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus are likely to want to stay close to their places of worship.

The ODPM report can be found here. (PDF)

70 Responses to “Muslims are ‘most deprived minority’”

  1. sonia Says:

    the only thing that i can think is a bit silly is this business of oh the families want to stay together, not so much they’re all kind of dumped in the same council estate type thing.

  2. Sid Says:

    Yes I noticed that! In spite of the crappy servcies, the bad schools, the decrepit housing, the turds pushed through the letter boxes by racist twats, in spite of all THAT, they want to stay together.

  3. j0nz Says:

    Initially I thought that said Muslims are ‘most depraved minority’ :)

    Only joking old Sid.

  4. IC Says:

    Without meaning any disrespect to any community I would like to ask my muslim brothers why is it that they are the most deprived community everywhere in the world.

    Muslims are deprived not just in UK, but even in India and in the Middle East. Why? Because the psyche of the typical Muslim is that of a person who is bound to be deprived. Muslims have made it a habit to campaign for all sorts of useless issues like the Danish Cartoons and squander their energy.

    There is an urgent need of reform within the muslim community.

  5. Sid D H Arthur Says:

    Yes, but where to start?

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