Liberal Tyranny and Conservative Opportunism

Ruth Kelly, Cabinet minister and Opus Dei initiate thinks homosexuality is a sin. Predictably she has received disproportionate amounts of animus from people who have confused her private opinions with her public office. Chris Dillow writes about the Liberal Tyranny that has over-reacted to her personal opinions:

Also, the belief that social and public life consists in the interaction of characters distracts us from the true origins of power inequalities. “The result is that the forces of domination or inequity remain unchallenged.”
Let’s be clear. Gays do not suffer discrimination because a government minister has strange beliefs. They do so because some people have excessive or unconstrained power over others. Ruth’s critics fail to see this.

Inayat Bunglawala of the MCB does the same thing but instead uses the story to defend Ruth Kelly and takes the opportunity to make the statement that Muslims also find homosexuality “un-Islamic”. He goes on to say:

Many Muslims and orthodox Jews among others will be able to recognise and sympathise with the dilemma that Kelly faces.

Yes, they’re called homophobes, by definition. Most Muslims do not spend their waking hours worrying about the “sinful” nature of homosexuality and