Euston Heavy

Christopher Hitchens has come out with all guns blazing in support of the Iraq War on today’s Sunday Times. But then he would, wouldn’t he. Its more of the same snarling Iraq-is-a-success envangelism we have come to expect from the Fat White Duke: Yes the Iraq War has been a cracking success and not least of all because those who were against it are bad (sic). Hitchens wheels out all the old ProWar cannons - the failure of the AntiWar Movement, the shameful political alliances of the Left, Michael Moore is a bastard etc. Belted out in the angry, clenched-teeth polemics we have come to expect from Mr Hitchens. He also fits in a quick leery wink at the Euston Manifesto.

“I have been flattered by an invitation to sign it, and I probably will, but if I agree it will be the most conservative document that I have ever initialled. Even the obvious has now become revolutionary. So call me a neo-conservative if you must: anything is preferable to the rotten unprincipled alliance between the former fans of the one-party state and the hysterical zealots of the one-god one.”

What I don’t understand is Hitchens’ insistence on carrying on arguing Iraq in terms of an intellectual battle of the Left and the Not-so-Left rather than in terms of real, fine-grained anecdotal successes for Iraq and Iraqi people. That means the success of public institutions, commerce and sustainable peace. Not in terms of the egos and intellectual jostling of “academics, journalists and thinkers” writing and posturing and posting more and more masturbation to their blogs. What happened to rebuilding Iraq?

We’re all glad to know, I’m sure, that he’ll be signing the Euston Manifesto. What I also want to know is what happened to the Iraq he argued so convincingly for?

Iraq is better for being Saddam-less but a peaceful and stable Iraq, leaving aside successful and prosperous for now, is still so far in the future that the Iraqi elections and its use as a totem [cue image of smiling burqa-clad lady with purple-dyed forefinger] is getting old. Almost as desperate as posing under a banner with the tragically inappropriate words ‘Mission Accomplished’.

I was hoping Hitchens would not feel the need to join in on the partisan bickering. Not this time.

69 Responses to “Euston Heavy”

  1. sonia Says:

    i find it hard how anyone can come out ‘guns blazing’ in support for a war ( especially when their precious little heads aren’t in the line of fire) without being viewed with the same horror that’s directed at people who support terrorists.

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