Police offence

Polics Violence

One of the priveleges for the citizens of a Democracy is the benefit of a free press. A international sports event is a good a time as any to show the world what the Bangladesh government thinks of that privelege. So last week the People got to see an ugly incident at the opening of the second Test match against Australia that natutally received international news attention. A gang of police thugs lay into a group of press photographers without any inhibition that might be brought on by cameras and forty thousand spectators. Mash thinks its deplorable too. We’re yet to hear about any condemnation by the government or of any punitive action taken against the police offenders.

The frequency with which the Zia Government uses the police to unleash intimidatory violence on the public and how quickly the police offenders are rewarded with promotions and back handers is depressing. These incidents have also been increasingly reported in the press.

A few years ago a UN and Bangladesh government report on the Police, identified an endless list of problems

The report’s author, Rowan Barnsley, told the BBC: “The main conclusions we have come to are that there is significant need for institutional strengthening for the Bangladesh police.”

The problem with the Bangladesh police is that it suffers from a failure to police itself.

360 Responses to “Police offence”

  1. H.hawk Says:

    In Bangladesh, If your break doesn’t work and you are confronted by a traffic surgeon, Give him 10 taka (equals almost 8 pence!) and you are free with your transport.

  2. sid Says:

    “traffic surgeon“?

    What do they do? Amputate your exhaust pipe?

  3. mo Says:

    in banglades ?
    polich surgeon are real b***d.thay well sell thare mum for any think.

  4. Mr. Khan Says:

    Kick in ass to the stupid police officer.

  5. milon Says:


    i am milon nurul islam. i live in philipine but i read BD news on my free time but when i see this picture and read whatever they write regarding this incident ,not feeling well. whats wrong with this old man and police .there no any simpathy for any one ? or no any human rights ?
    i hope my country be come a real freedom country and every body live there with fresh breth then i make plan to come back my own country.
    others ways i live here forever with my wife and child.
    do want to make plan to go back my own country.

  6. Tausif Islam Says:

    I feel very hurt that the people are doing these things in Bangladesh beacause my familys were born and some of them live there what United States should did is help them and find out the problem

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