Nepal’s Road to Democracy

DemocracyThe good news from Nepal suggests that King Gyanendra has bowed to pressure from opposition political groups and mass pro-democracy demos that have brought the country to a standstill in the last two weeks. He has made the announcement that he will be standing down to the demands of the opposition:


“We hope peace and order is restored to the country by protecting multi-party democracy.”

An olive branch that happens to be too little too late for the fired up pro-democracy groups who want nothing less than for the Nepalese royalty to be completely dismantled or reduced to a ceremonial function at the very least.

Gyanendra has up til now taken a uncompromising hard-line approach to negotiations with democratic parties. His other problem has been the growth of para-military Maoist groups who have all but taken over large swathes of rural Nepal. A viable multi-party democratic solution is hugely preferable to an inevitable collapse and the prospect of a “failed state” which is what would happen if the Maoists were to take over.

Another point that led to his unpopularity with Nepalese was the propspect of his son, crown prince Paras, taking over the throne sometime in the future. Paras is a hate-figure in Nepal thanks to numerous incidents of drink-fuelled violence and the accusations of a drink-drive death that has dogged him. He has also failed to shake off the suspicion of culpability in the massacre of King Birendra and his family by his eldest son, Dipendra.

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