Is this a race thing?

With the Euston Manifesto continuing to animate the blogsophere, the E-team at Harry’s Place are still incensed that people aren’t embracing it to their hearts, committing its words to memory nor chanting Hail Norms on their rosaries. The post is a ‘humurous’ look at some of quotes from blogs who have criticised the Manifesto. Number 9 on the list, however, is slightly off:

Oh give it a rest with all this anti-semitism stuff will you? Don’t get me wrong but frankly, all this stuff about Israel and anti-semitism rather gives the game away about who is behind this so-called Manifesto.

I know, its a joke. Or its trying to be but beneath the sarcasm there is the discernible suggestion that people who reject the Manifesto are anti-Semitic. Lets not forget that (UK) Muslims are, rightly, exhorted to desist from playing the race card whenever events such as riots or terrorist attacks have taken place. There is also the growing mood in the country that frowns on Black people making race a factor in professional disputes. But here we are see the ‘Decent Left’ sneakily play the race card because people are taking the piss out of their Manifesto! Words fail me…

103 Responses to “Is this a race thing?”

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