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  • 31st August, 2006

    The first match

    by Sunny at 3:52 pm    

    This, from the first One Day International between England and Pakistan, abandoned due to rain. Just as well really because England were looking to get thrashed.

    More pictures from here.

    Filed under: Sports
    25th August, 2006

    Umpire offers resignation for cash

    by Sunny at 4:37 pm    

    How utterly bizarre and hilarious:

    Darrell Hair, the umpire at the centre of the ball-tampering controversy, offered to resign from the International Cricket Council’s elite umpiring panel if he was paid $500,000.

    Hair was the umpire who accused Pakistan of ball-tampering at The Oval last Sunday. He and his fellow umpire Billy Doctrove first penalised Pakistan five runs for ball-tampering and then judged they had forfeited the match by failing to halt a sit-in protest when play was due to resume.

    Inzi may have behaved like a school kid but I still don’t see the need for a disciplinary hearing. [hat tip: Sahil]

    Filed under: Humour,Sports
    23rd August, 2006

    The game should go on

    by Fe'reeha at 2:28 am    

    Pakistan spoils their cricket stars like over-protective mothers. However, when emotions run so high, there is time to infuse some sense, in particular when they can endanger political sensibility.

    I am against the decision to return late to the ground. I believe that the Australian umpire’s attitude was objectionable and his behaviour would have infuriated anyone in the team’s place.

    However, it was sad to see Pakistani cricket players acting like a bunch of school boys upset with a strict teacher.

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    9th August, 2006

    The new Britons

    by Sunny at 9:59 pm    

    Pakistan may be licking their wounds after losing the Test series to England yesterday, but the real winners will be two rising stars, Monty Panesar and Sajid Mahmood, who may form the cornerstone of England’s bowling attack if they develop their game nicely.

    The Guardian said today: “By any standard this was a memorable day for the future of multiculturalism in modern Britain.” But this does not explain the extent of what is going on here.

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    Filed under: Sports
    4th August, 2006

    Cricket, politics and stupidity

    by Sunny at 4:56 pm    

    If examples need be provided that the police and our friendly Islamists are doing an idiotic dance together, then this is it.

    A match involving the Israeli cricket team in Glasgow has been abandoned amid fears of demonstrations over Israel’s campaign in Lebanon. Organisers, the European Cricket Council, said it was cancelled because of public safety issues.

    Osama Saeed, of the Muslim Association of Britain, said of the decision to drop the match: “This is fabulous news, though we would wish that the decision had been taken earlier by the organisers on the grounds of principle rather than practicality.” [BBC News]

    Needless to say Osama Saeed is an idiot. Would he be saying the same thing if Iran were excluded from the World Cup for their human rights abuses? Or if Pakistan were barred from playing with England or India for their own government excesses? No. I suspect he would be crying Islamophobia like he always does over everything. He also doesn’t understand another point.

    Our idiotic police should have let them legitimately demonstrate while the match went ahead. But they stopped for the simple reason because they believe in their own racist way: “These wogs are just going to cause trouble and start a riot because that’s what they do at every opportunity. Let’s just stop the match for everyone’s sake.” Hence the use of “public safety” terminology. Of course he doesn’t realise this but that is another matter.

    Keep religion out of sports. Is that too difficult to understand Osama? If you’re going to have standards then apply them consistently or else you look like a fool.

    Update: It looks like the weekend matches still went ahead. Despite promises of “mass-protests”, 70 people turned up and behaved peacefully. That’s how it should have been.

    Filed under: Religion,Sports
    2nd August, 2006

    Field Marshal Monty

    by Rohin at 11:22 pm    

    Monty Panesar seems to be all over the place now. ‘The Montster’ has not only garnered vast amounts of space in the sports press, with practically every broadsheet devoting inches to him this week, but he is to grace the cover of Esquire magazine.

    Of course Monty’s storming eight wicket match haul against Pakistan last weekend is a huge element in the sudden interest, but his cult following has been growing since he first debuted against India in March. From the very off, I can recall England fans enthusiastically cheering his frequent fielding gaffes instead of lambasting him.

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    Filed under: Culture,Sports
    15th July, 2006

    The definitive Zinedine Zidane post

    by Sunny at 3:46 am    

    It would be stating the patently obvious when I say never has one incident in football been the subject of so much hilarity. Even my mother has been speculating on what happened and she didn’t even care for who Zidane was two weeks ago. The world has gone mad.

    Anyway, in order to celebrate the glorious head-butt (kids, I do not condone violence), I’ve culled together some animations from around the web and from emails.

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    Filed under: Humour,Sports
    2nd July, 2006

    The Empire strikes back

    by Rohin at 2:19 am    

    We’re out. Little in life seems to change. But for now I present to you a different angle to the World Cup, which I originally decided not to post, until today. (The picture above is explained below.)

    This post was prompted by two things. Discussion about the World Cup with our Indian American contemporaries at Sepia Mutiny confused me somewhat. Most did not support America and many seemed rather anti-English. I thought better of posting anything then, but I received a text this evening, just as Rio Ferdinand wept.

    My girlfriend is in Chennai, India, for a friend’s wedding. She told me that people were delighted and jumping for joy that England had crashed out and that no one in India supports England.

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    Filed under: Culture,India,Sports
    17th June, 2006

    Race and Sports in the UK

    by Shariq at 10:27 pm    

    A while back Sunny posted on the treatment Joseph Harker recieved on his concern over St George’s flags in London. Interestingly there’s a somewhat similar post at The New Republic’s World Cup Blog by Jesse Zwick, an American Jew, over his initial response to landing in Germany in the midst of a nationalistic fervour not seen since the Nazi’s.

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    Filed under: Race politics,Sports
    12th April, 2006

    Still failing the Tebbit Test

    by Sunny at 4:14 pm    

    On Thursday last week, when India beat England to win the one-day international series 4-0, I could not help but let out a small cheer. What would Norman Tebbit think now, I asked myself immediately after, as I do almost every year.

    On a regular basis, this turns up as a light-hearted debate on the BBC Asian Network, onto which I was recently invited as a panelist, along with Nasser Hussain’s dad….

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    Filed under: Culture,Humour,Sports
    22nd March, 2006

    Will it all kick off in Germany?

    by Rohin at 7:51 pm    

    The World Cup’s coming, excited excited! Ah football - the sport of cultured, educated and refined gentlemen and their lady friends. Right?

    A shockingly-mistyped story from Rome reveals that neo-Nazis in Europe want to make the World Cup a battleground between themselves and Muslims. They plan to attack fans from all Muslim countries participating. A member of AS Roma’s hooligan faction claimed:

    “We are united. For the first time we are talking and planning together, with the English, the Germans, the Dutch, the Spanish, everyone with the same objective. At the World Cup there will be a massacre.”

    Continue Reading...
    13th March, 2006

    Doubles trouble for Sania Mirza

    by Shariq at 4:54 pm    

    Sania MirzaIndian tennis player Sania Mirza sure lives an interesting life. After controversies over her clothes and remarks over the Khushboo scandal, another flare-up is brewing - this time over her choice of doubles partner.

    Ms Mirza is good friends with the Israeli player Shahar Peer and would like to resume their doubles partnership. Unfortunately the last time they played it upset the usual suspects and, with her profile continuing to rise, this will come up sooner or later. In fact they had intended to play together at a match in recently Bangalore before Mirza thought it would be best that they didn’t.

    This irritated some other people, but I actually think it’s the type of principled pragmatism which those who challenge the status quo sometimes need to undertake. Make a principled point by playing in tournaments in other parts of the world but don’t unnecessarily create a big fuss which is then exploited by conservative elements in your country when you are already a highly controversial figure.

    As for Muslims and Jews playing tennis together, there is a precedent. Pakistani Aisam-ul-Haq and Israeli Amir Hadad won the ATP’s Arthur Ashe Sportsmanship Award for playing (well) together at Wimbledon in 2002. (I don’t think they played again, but I think that was more to do with Aisam foolishly thinking he could make it as a singles player, but don’t get me started on that).

    15th February, 2006

    India-Pak cricket insults force website closure

    by Sunny at 4:46 pm    

    Just shows how maturely Indian and Pakistani cricket fans can behave eh?

    A torrent of racist and abusive postings on the BBC’s Test Match Special website has forced the corporation to close its message board.

    Part of the site was suspended after the BBC received complaints that a number of users were sending insulting religious messages and promoting terrorism on the South Asian section of the Test Match Special website. [Times Online]

    I wonder when people will actually grow up and get laid.
    [hat tip Contrarymary]

    31st January, 2006

    Aussie racism in cricket - again

    by Sunny at 4:48 pm    

    Players from South Africa and Sri Lanka have both complained their players are being subjected to racist taunts. The world cricketing body ICC is going to investigate. SA cricketing officials say its not just a one-off either:

    “It is not right when a country has a history like ours,” he said in The Sunday Mail. “The sad thing is it has continued around Australia. It hasn’t just been limited to one state or city.”

    Nor is this the first time, it has been continuing throughout the tour and was reported before. The Aussies have, to their credit, called for lifetime bans, but one must ask why this keeps on happening. When India toured Australia (last year I think), you could see Australian fans blatantly being racist. In fact I believe even the team was behaving somewhat arrogantly.

    Not that I would even dare to suggest there could be increased racism in Australia given their government’s appalling attitude towards Aboriginies, immigrants and asylum seekers. John Howard is a nice man, honest.

    19th November, 2005

    Sex! Scandal! Balls! Sania Mirza serves up more controversy

    by Rohin at 3:33 am    

    In a fascinating update to studious Sunny’s previous post on the south Indian sex scandal, it looks like Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has comprehensively joined the fracas.

    Sania Mirza, heroine to the masses and at least one of PP’s stalwart staff, has come out in support of Khushboo, the south Indian film star harassed by local politicians for her views on sex. You may remember, Sania (who turned 19 on Tuesday) has been no stranger to controversy throughout her fledgling career.

    At a recent conference she not only defended her short skirt but also the south Indian film star on her views on safe sex. Except that only triggered more protests, effigy burning and condemnations…

    Continue Reading...
    30th September, 2005

    Problems for Pakistani women on the pitch

    by Sunny at 5:17 pm    

    punch-upPakistani women had to previously fight against the religious hard-liners who declared football was un-Islamic or said women should not be playing sports. Their latest enemy - errr.. themselves.

    Punjab state in Pakistan won the inaugural Women’s Football Championship in the country, but the match was marred by violence.

    A scuffle broke out between the rivals after the match when Punjab tried to celebrate their victory which enraged the losers led by their star striker Khalida Noor. The girls of both teams freely kicked and punched each other. The catfight forced the tournament organisers to enter the ground and put an end to the brawl.

    C’mon ladies, where’s the solidarity? Daily Times. BBC has more.

    The women players were fully covered to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities and no male spectators were allowed.

    The issue of women in sports flared in April when hardliners attacked runners in a mixed-sex race in Gujranwala. A ban on such races was introduced and police in Lahore used force in May to break up a race. A week later hundreds of rights activists held a mixed-sex race in the city in protest at the ban.

    In other news, Indian women once again thrash Pakistan. In cricket that is.

    Filed under: Humour,South Asia,Sports
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