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Dump the charade over Holocaust memorial day

by Sunny, on 27th January, 2006

Every year the same charade takes place over the Holocaust Memorial day, commemorated today for the victims of the Nazi exterminations camps.

A big fuss is made over the Muslim Council of Britain’s (MCB) plans to boycott the event, and endless debate over whether they should or not, until the day passes. Nearer to the anniversary in the following year, the same process starts all over again.

We know their claims to care for everyone is hypocritical, as I show in this article. But my point is, the only way to really deal with the MCB on this is to entirely ignore them. They want to boycott the HMD? Fine, why the big deal? We end up helping them by making such a big fuss.

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Support Samina Altaf

by Sunny, on 26th January, 2006

Samina and the children fled Pakistan after domestic abuse by her husband. All 3 suffer from severe rickets and, for the first time, are receiving proper medical support in this country. But the Home Office want to deport them.

It’s a tough life for us all. Low wages, low benefits, bad jobs or no jobs. However this does not mean we should turn our frustration on asylum seekers – or indeed on anyone who wants to stay here. Refugees also have a tough life. It is not easy fleeing persecution -then on arriving in the UK receiving treatment even worse than the rest of us.

David T has more on a campaign this Sunday in Manchester to lobby the Home Office and not deport Samina and her kids back to Pakistan where she may face more domestic abuse.
St Sebastians is on Norfolk St, off Gerald Road, off Cromwell Rd. Post code M6 6ET - buses from M/C Exchange are 27 or 93 and from Salford 51 or 52 to Cromwell Rd roundabout.
Support the campaign! Get the word out!

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The sad state of Hindus in Pakistan

by Sunny, on 20th January, 2006

The idea that religious minorities in Pakistan (anyone non-Sunni) get a fair treatment by the government and other institutions has always been a highly suspect claim. But whereas massacres of Shia and Ahmadiyya groups are regularly in the news, much less is known about the roughly 2.6 million Hindus that still live there.

Over the last few months, the issue of Hindu women being abducted and forcibly converted to Islam within Pakistan has been getting increasing coverage, a move that is likely to raise the political temperature until something is done. Last month in London, a demonstration was also organised on the issue.

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